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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1992


Exploration in B.C. 1992 144 pages (PDF 10 MB)
by W.R. Smyth
Part A: Overview of Exploration Activities

R.E. Meyers:
British Columbia Exploration and Development Highlights and Initiatives
Introduction; Exploration and Expenditures: National and Regional Perspectives and Trends; Highlights at Operating Mines; Production Levels; Operations; Metal Mines; Coal Mines; Mine Closures; Advanced Exploration and Development Projects; Highlights of Major Exploration Projects; Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits; Polymetallic Massive Sulphide Deposits; Precious Metals Bearing Veins and Transitional Deposits; Industrial Minerals; New Initiatives in British Columbia; Summary and Outlook for 1993; Acknowledgements

P.J. Wojdak:
Northwestern District
Overview and Trends; Operating Mines; Exploration; Land-Use Issues; Exploration Highlights at Operating Mines; Exploration and Development Highlights; Mineral Deposit Research

M.L. Malott and D.D. Gariépy:
Central District
Introduction; Quesnel Trough; Fraser Plateau; Other Areas and Activity; Base Metal-Silver Targets; Cache Creek Terrane; Placer; Producing Mines; Mine Development Process; Outlook

R.E. Meyers:
South-Central District
Introduction; Highlights of Exploration and Development; Major Focus and Targets; Junior Companies Play a Major Role; Increase in Industrial Minerals Exploration; Land-Use Issues and Activities; Major Exploration Activity; Metals; Taseko – Bridge River Area; Kamloops – Quesnel Highlands; Siwash - Princeton; Columbia – Shuswap; Industrial Minerals; Operating Mines; Highland Valley Copper; Similco; Samatosum; Nickel Plate; Goldstream; Parson; Ajax; Major Land-Use Issues; Protected Area Strategy; Kamloops Resource Management Area Plan; Acknowledgements

R.H. Pinsent:
Southwestern District
Introduction; Highlights; Exploration Trends; Operating Metal Mines; Operating Coal Mines; Major Quarries; Mine Development Submissions; Exploration Activity; Vancouver and Texada Islands; Southern Coastal Region; Queen Charlotte Islands; Land-Use Issues; Government Activity and Research; Acknowledgements

Part B: Geological Descriptions of Properties

Nadia Caira Alastair Findlay and Janet Riddell:
The Fish Lake Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit (92o/5)

Steven Earle:
Assessment of the Applicability of Lake Sediment Geochemical Surveys for Mineral Exploration In the Nechako Plateau Area of British Columbia

Z.D. Hora and K.D. Hancock:
Some New Dimension Stone Properties in British Columbia

Andrew Legun:
The Howell Creek Structure, Southeastern British Columbia

M.A. Chaudhry and R.E. Lett:
Laboratory Simulation of the In Situ Neutralization of Acid Rock Drainage

T.E. Kalnins and A.F. Wilcox:
Assessment Reports: A Source of Valuable Current and Historical Mineral Exploration Data

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