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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1991


Exploration in B.C. 1991 162 pages (PDF 12 MB)
by W.R. Smyth
Part A: Overview of Exploration Activities

R.E. Meyers:
British Columbia Exploration and Development Highlights and Initiatives
Introduction; Exploration and Expenditures: National and Regional Perspectives and Trends; Highlights at Operating Mines; Production Levels; Operations; Metal Mines; Coal Mines; Mine Closures; Advanced Exploration and Development Projects; Highlights of Major Exploration Projects; Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits; Polymetallic Massive Sulphide Deposits; Precious Metals Bearing Veins and Transitional Deposits; Industrial Minerals; New Initiatives in British Columbia; Summary and Outlook for 1993; Acknowledgements

V.A. Preto:
British Columbia Exploration and Development Highlights
Introduction; Advanced Projects and Important Developments; Exploration Highlights; Porphyry Copper – Gold Deposits; Volcanogenic and Sediment-Hosted; Massive Sulphide Deposits; Vein and Transitional Deposits; Summary and A Look At 1992

M.L. Malott and J. Crux-Posser:
Northwestern District
Introduction; Highlights; Trends Opportunities Research; Exploration Projects; Tatshenshini River Area to Atlin; Cassiar; Thlsequah River -Tatsamenie Lake Area; Mount Edziza -Kiniskan Lake Area; More Creek and Forrest Kerr Area; Galore Creek Area; Iskut River Area; Eskay Creek Area; Sulphurets Creek Area; Stewart Mining Camp; Toodoggone River Area; Hazelton – Smithers – Babine Lake Area; Houston – Whitesail Area; Coal; Placer; Development Projects; Operating Mines; Central District; Introduction; Northern Quesnel Trough; Summary; Trends; Exploration; Southern Quesnel Trough; Coast Range Marginal Belt and Fraser; Plateau; Other Areas and Activity; Base Metal/Si1ver Targets; Placer; Producing Mines; Mine Development Assessment Process; Outlook

R.E. Meyers and R.L. Arksey
South-Central District
Introduction; Highlights, Trends and Lowlights; Major Exploration Focus; "E" & "D" Increased by 23 Per Cent due to Mine Development; Three of Four Major Projects Operated by Juniors; Main Targets; Major Set-Backs for Copper-Gold Producers; Samatosum Projects Schedules Premature; Shutdown; Land-Use Issues; Major Exploration Activity; Revelstoke; Siwash-Aspen Grove; Adams Lake Area; Mining Operations; District Activities and Research; Research; Acknowledgements

Part B: Geological Descriptions of Properties

S.J. Cook, W. Jackaman and P.E. Matysek:
Fallow-Up Investigation of Anomalous RGS Stream-Sediment Sites in Southeastern British Columbia: Guide to Potential Discoveries (82E, F, G, J, K, L)

Kathryn P.E. Dunne, Trygve Höy and Alex Fraser:
Clubine (82F/3w)

A. Legun:
Nancy Greene Wollastonite (82F/4W)

Kirk D. Hancock and George J. Simandl:
Marysville (82G 12W)

T. Schroeter and Bob Lane:
Nelson Island (92F/9E)

B.N. Church:
Loco Property (92J/15/W)

Kirk D. Hancock:
Arthur Point (Sea Rose) Rhodonite (92M/12W)

Tom Schroeter and Bob Lane:
Skinner Mesothermal Vein Prospect (92N/92W)

T. Schroeter and Bob Lane:
Clisbako (93C/9E)

Barry Ryan: 
Fireweed (93M/12W)

T. Schroeter and Bob Lane and Adrian Bray:
Red Mountain (103P/13E)

M.G. Mihalynuk and C.C. Mariott:
Polaris-Taku (104K/12)

M.T. Smith and M.G. Mihalynuk:
Tulsequah Glacier: Maple Leaf (104K)

Andrew Legun and Alex Matheson:
Mineral Deposit Land-Use Maps: An Analysis on Seventeen Years of Exploration Activity

T.E. Kalnins and A.F. Wilcox:
Assessment Reports, A Source of Valuable Current and Historic Mineral Exploration Data

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