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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1988


Exploration in B.C. 1988 597 pages (PDF 31.8 MB)
by W.R. Smyth
Part A: Overview of Exploration Activities

V.A. Preto:
Exploration, Development and Production Highlights in B.C. 1988;  

Introduction; Exploration Highlights; Transitional Deposits; Porphyry Deposits; Epithermal Deposits; Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide; Gold-Enriched Skarns; Other Significant Deposits; Operating Mines; Northwestern District; Central District; Kootenay District; South-Central District; Southwestern District; Government Services and Incentives; An Outlook for the Future; Acknowledgements

D.V. Lefebure and M.L. Malott
Northwestern District
Introduction; Highlights; Trends; Summary of Exploration Activities; Minerals; Tatshenshini River Area; Atlin Region; Tulsequah River -Tatsamenie Lake Area; Cassiar Mining Camp; Stikine Area; Iskut River Area; Sulphurets Area; Stewart Mining Camp; Portland Canal Area; Prince Rupert Region; Terrace-Kitimat Area; Toodoggone River Area; Smithers Houston Area; Tahtsa Lake-Ootsa Lake Area; Coal; Placer; Development Projects; Exploration Opportunities

E.L. Faulkner:
Central District
Introduction; Highlights; Trends and Opportunities; Summary of Exploration Activity; Minerals; Quesnel Trough; Basal Phyllite-Hosted Gold; Barkerville - Cariboo Mountain; Omineca; Fraser Plateau; Coast Range Marginal Belt; Other Areas; Placer; Coal

A. Legun:
Kootenay District
Introduction; Exploration; 82E; 82F; 82G; Developments

R.E. Meyers:
South-Central District
Introduction; Trends and Highlights; Summary of Exploration Activity; Okanagan; Hedley; Princeton - Tulameen; Nicola Volcanic Belt; Kamloops Area; Adams Lake Area; Revelstoke Area; Bonaparte Plateau; Bridge River Gold Camp; Tyaughton -Yalakom Area

H.P. Wilton:
Southwestern District
Summary and Outlook; Mineral Exploration; Vancouver Island; Inner Islands; Southwestern Mainland; Queen Charlotte Islands; Industrial Minerals; Coal Exploration; Placer Mining; Development

J. Pardy:
Fame - Financial Assistance for Mineral Exploration Prospectors Assistance Program
Introduction; The Program; Results to Date

1988 Field Activities - Geological Survey Branch
Mineral Deposit Studies; Regional Mapping; Applied Geochemistry; Industrial Minerals; Coal; Mineral Land Use; MINFILE; Property File/Regional File; ARIS

Part B: Geological Descriptions of Properties

W.A. Taylor:
Penticton B2E; Standard Mine, 82E/4E; Vault, 82E/5E;

Trygve Höy and Kathryn P.E. Andrew:
Nelson 82F; Great Western Group, 82F/6W; Shaft, 82F/6W

Andrew Skupinski and Andrew Legun:
Fernie 82G; Howe, Howell, 82G/2

W.A. Taylor:
Alert Bay 82L; White Elephant, 82L/4E

O.J. Ijewliw and D.J. Schulze:
Golden 82N; The Golden Cluster of Diatremes and Dykes, 82N;

Shielagh N. Pfuetzenreuter:
Victoria 92B; Lara, 92B/13W

Shielagh N. Pfuetzenreuter:
Alberni 92F; Villalta, 92F/1W; Moss Mat Sampling, 92F/1,2, 7; Bear Group, 92F/3W; Lang Bay, 92F/16W

H.P. Wilton, W.J. McMillan and G.E. Ray:
Hope 92H; Harrison Gold, Abo, Rn, 92H/5; The Structural Control of the Tulameen Complex and Outlying Ultramafic Bodies, 92H/7, 10; Tulameen Placers, 92H/7, 10

B.N. Church:
Pemberton 92J; Geology and Exploration in the Bridge River Valley, 92J; Moss Mat Stream Sampling in the Bridge River Mining Camp, 92J/15 and Parts of 92J/10, 16

Shielagh N. Pfuetzenreuter:
Alert Bay 92L; Spud Valley, 92L/2W

W.A. Taylor:
Bonaparte River 92P; Gold Hill, 92P/8E; Windpass, Sweet Home, 92P/8E

E.L. Faulkner:
Quesnel Lake 93A; QR, 93A/12W

M.L. Malott:
Hazelton 93M; Fireweed, 93M/1W, 2E; 93L/16W, 15E

E.L. Faulkner:
Manson River 93N; Mount Milligan (Phil-Heidi), 93N/1E; Indata, 93N/6W; QCM, 93N/10

D.V. Lefebure:
Douglas Channel 103H; Crown Of The Sea, 103H/6W

M.L. Malott:
Iskut River 104B; Silver Butte, 104B/1E

V.M. Koyanagi, S.M. Heinrich and J.M. Logan:
Telegraph Creek 104G; Trophy: (Ptarmigan Zone), 104G/3

K. Mountjoy:
Skagway 104M; TP: Main Showing, 104M/10

C.J. Rees:
Atlin 104N; Pictou, 104N/12E

A.J. Sinclair:
McDame 104P; Erickson Mine 104P/4; McDame 104P/5

Part C: Minerals and Coal Exploration

Preface; Minerals Exploration; Coal Exploration; Indices; Location Maps; Index To Reports

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