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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1987


Exploration in B.C. 1987 509 pages (PDF 26 MB)
by W.R. Smyth
Part A: Overview of Exploration Activities

V.A. Preto
Introduction; Exploration Highlights; Gold-Bearing Skarns; Epithermal Deposits; Volcanic and Clastic-Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits; Vein Deposits Transitional to Porphyry Deposits; Other Deposits of Interest; Acknowledgements; Table A1: Exploration and Development in British Columbia; Table A2: Active Mines in British Columbia

D.V. Lefebure
Northwestern District
Introduction; Trends; Highlights; Summary of Exploration Activities; Minerals; Coal; Placer; Development; Operating Mines; Exploration Opportunities

E.L. Faulkner:
Central District
Introduction; Highlights; Summary of Exploration Activities; Metallic Minerals; Placer; Industrial Minerals; Operating Mines; Trends and Opportunities

A. Legun:
Northeastern District
Summary of Exploration Activities; Coal Exploration; Coal Potential; Metallic Minerals; Industrial Minerals; Operating Mines

D.A. Grieve:
Southeastern District Introduction
Summary of Exploration Activities; Metallic Minerals; Coal; Coal Developments; Operating Mines

G.G. Addie:
West Kootenay District
Introduction; Summary of Exploration Activities; Operating Mines

R.E. Meyers:
South-Central District
Introduction; Trends and Highlights; Summary of Exploration Activities; Conclusion

H.P. Wilton:
Southwestern District
Introduction; Trends, Highlights and Potential Targets; Mineral Exploration Activities; Conclusion

Z.D. Hora:
Industrial Minerals

Brian Grant:
Fame: Financial Assistance to Mineral Exploration
Introduction; Fame Objectives; Fame Promotion; Industry Liaison; Fame Components; Fame - Impact On Economy; Fame - Results and Conclusions

Part B: Geological Descriptions of Properties

Penticton 82E
Fairview Mine, 82E/7W

Vernon 82L
Brett, 82L/4E
Lumby Project (Chaput), 82L/7W

Alberni 92F
Debbie 92F/2E

Pemberton 92J
Wayside 92 J/15W

Nechako River 93F
Trout, 93F/10

McLeod Lake 93J
Windy, 93J/13W

Fort Fraser 93K
Snowbird, 93K/7E, 8W
Tas, 93K/16

Smithers 93L
Topley Richfield, 93L/9
Boulder Creek Vein, 93L/10E

Hazelton 93M
Bell Copper 93M/1

Manson River 93N
Taka Rainbow, 93N/11N

Terrace 103I
Kitimat Project, 103I/2

Iskut River 104B
Gold Lithogeochemistry of Bronson Creek Area,
104B/10W, 11E

Tulsequah 104K
Tulsequah Chief, 104K/12

Skagway 104M
Engineer Mine, 104M/8

Atlin 104N
Yellowjacket, 104N/12

McDame 104P
Cornucopia (Taurus Mine), 104P/5

Industrial Minerals
Nelson 82F
Hellroaring Creek Pegmatite, 82F/9
Vernon 82L
Lumby Pegmatite, 82L/2W, 7N

Regional Geochemical Survey:
Regional Geochemical Survey Results for Smithers (93L) and Whitesail Lake (93E) Map Sheets

Part C: Assessment Report Summaries, Minerals and Coal

Preface; Minerals Exploration; Coal Exploration; Indices

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