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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1986


Exploration in B.C. 1986 665 pages (PDF 27.4 MB)
Part A: Overview of Exploration Activities

V.A. Preto
Introduction; Exploration Highlights; Epithermal and Mesothermal Precious Metal Deposits; Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits; Gold-Bearing Skarns; Porphyry Gold Deposits; Manto Deposits; Industrial Minerals; Coal

D.V. Lefebure:
Northwestern District
Introduction; Exploration; Minerals; Atlin Mining Division; Liard Mining Division; Skeena Mining Division; Omineca Mining Division; Coal; Placer; Development; Producers

E.L. Faulkner:
Central District
Introduction; Regional Geochemical Survey Release; Exploration; Minerals; Placer; Producers

D.V. Lefebure:
Northeastern District
Introduction; Coal Exploration; Quintette Coal Ltd.; Shikano; Hermann Gething; South Gething; Transfer, Grizzly; Wolverine Developments/Producers

D.A. Grieve:
Southeastern District
Introduction; Coal Exploration; Coal Developments; Coal Producers

G.G. Addie:
West Kootenay District
Introduction; Exploration; Developments; Minerals; Placer; Producers

S.A. Crawford and R.E. Meyers:
South-Central District
Introduction; Exploration; Gold Bridge Camp; Adams Lake Area; Bonaparte Lake Area; Okanagan-Revelstoke Area; Princeton-Hedley Area; Development; Producers

H.P. Wilton:
Southwestern District
Introduction; Exploration and Property Development; Mineral Exploration; Vancouver Island; Texada Island; Lower Mainland; Queen Charlotte Islands; Coal Exploration; Development; Placer Activity; Producing Mines

Z.D. Hora:
Industrial Minerals
Introduction; Asbestos; Barite; Building Stone; Carbonatites Diamonds; Fuller's Earth; Gypsum; Semiprecious Stones; Germanium; Limestone; Magnesite; Mica; Perlite; Silica; Talc; Government Studies

Part B: Geological Descriptions of Properties

Seymour Arm 82M
Alteration, Chemistry and Tectonic Setting of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide-Barite Deposits, at Rea Gold and Homestake, Southeastern British Columbia, 82M/4W

Nelson 82F
Referendum, 82F/6W
Caribou (Hailstorm Mountain), 82F/13E

Lardeau 82K
Abbott, 82K/11E

Alberni 92F
Mount Washington (Domineer, Murex), 92F/14

Pemberton 92J
Mary Mac, 92J /15E

Taseko Lakes 920
Unnamed Occurrence, 920/2W
Blackdome, 92O/7E, 8W

Quesnel Lake 93A
Frasergold, 93A/7E

Prince George 93G
Mastt, MC, Zed 1, 93G/1E
Thunder (Ahbau, G), 93G/1W

Smithers 93L
Silver Queen, 93L/2E

Iskut River 104B
Red River (Sulphurets), 104B/8

Smithers 93L
Guess Creek Coal Deposit, 93L/15

Part C: Assessment Report Summaries, Minerals and Coal

Preface; Minerals Exploration; Coal Exploration; Indices

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