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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1978


Exploration in B.C. 1978 348 pages (PDF 12MB)


Metals Exploration

N.C. Carter and J.A. Garnett:
Review of Metals Exploration and Prospecting

Reports on Metals Exploration
Southeast British Columbia (NTS Division 82 and Part of 83)
Southwest British Columbia (NTS Division 92 and Part of 102)
East Central British Columbia (NTS Division 93)
West Central British Columbia (NTS Division 103)
Northeast British Columbia (NTS Division 94)
Northwest British Columbia (NTS Division 104 and Part of 114)
Structural Materials and Industrial Minerals Exploration

Z.D. Hora:
Review of Exploration on Non-Metallic Mineral Deposits

Reports on Exploration of Non-Metallic Commodities
Asbestos; Barite; Building Stone; Fluorite; Gypsum; Limestone; Mica; Perlite; Semi-Precious Stones; Jade; Silica; Talc
Coal Exploration

A.H. Matheson:
General Review of Coal Exploration

 Reports on Coal Exploration

Crowsnest Coalfield
Cabin Creek Project; Lodgepole Project; Lillyburt Coal Prospect; Flathead Ridge; McEvoy Creek; Taylor South; Crown Mountain Project; Horseshoe Ridge Project; Line Creek Ridge Project; Ewin Pass Coal Property; Ewin Creek; Fording River; Elk River

Comox Coalfield
Ash River Project

Peace River Coalfield
Hanington; Secus Mountain; Monkman; Belcourt Project; Onion Lake; Quintette Project; Fisher Creek Project; Pine Pass Coal Project; Pine River; Peace River Canyon; Bri Dowling Creek; South Mount Gething Project; Wolverine Project; Mount Reesor Coal Property; Mount Spieker; Bullmoose Coal Property; Sukunka Property; Sukunka North; West Brazion; Pine Pass Project; Wapiti Project; Adams Coal Property; North Carbon Creek

Telkwa Coalfield
Nanika Mountain Coal Project - Lamprey Creek; Smithers Area Coal Prospects; Telkwa Coal Project

Groundhog Coalfield
Groundhog Property; Mount Klappan Property

Tuya River Coalfield
Thundercloud Coal Project; Tuya River

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