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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geology in B.C. 1977-81

Geology in B.C. 1977-1981 201 pages (PDF 9.8 MB)

Southeast British Columbia

B.N. Church:
Geology of the Skomac Mine and Boundary Falls Area (82E/2)

Lawrie C. Reinertson and G.P.E. White:
Fuki, Donen, PB, Kettle, Venus (82E/7)

D.A. Grieve and D.E. Pearson:
Geology and Rank Distribution of the Elk Valley Coalfield (82G/15; 82J/2)

D.A. Grieve:
Geology of the Mount Banner Area, Elk Valley Coalfield (82G/15; 82J/2)

D.A. Grieve:
Petrology and Chemistry of the Cross Kimberlite (82J/2)

T.D. Lewis:
Kaslo Claim (82K/3E)

V.A. Preto:
Rexspar (82M/12W)

Southwest British Columbia

G.E.P. Eastwood:
Upper Renfrew Creek Area (92C/9W)

G.E.P. Eastwood:
Vernon Ridge Area (92C/15E, 16W)

G.E.P. Eastwood:
Quinsam Area (92F/13E, 14W; 92K/3W, 4E)

S.H. Evans:
Geology of the Tulameen Coal Basin (92H/10)

Alan Reed and G.P.E. White:
Highmont (IDE, AM) (92I/6)

John H. Ladd:
A Report of the Geology of the Cache Creek - Nicola Contact Southwest of Ashcroft (92I/11)

J.H.L. Miller:
Geology of the Callaghan Creek Roof Pendant (92J/3)

G.E.P. Eastwood:
Island Copper (92L/11W)

East Central British Columbia

T.D. Lewis:
Nifty Deposit (93D/9W)

Sam Claim (93E/11W)

New Moon, Copper Cliff, Misty Day, Half Moon (93E/13)

T.G. Schroeter:
Capoose (93F/6)

Sam Goosly (93L/1E)

D.G. Wetherell and A.J. Sinclair:
Preliminary Report on Stratigraphy and Genesis of the Sam Goosly Copper-Silver-Antimony Deposit (93L/1E)

Poplar (93L/2W; 93E/15W)

Bob Creek (93L/7E)

Grouse (93L/7E)

Lakeview (93L/7E)

Mineral Hill (93L/10E)

Summit (Burbridge Lake) (93L/10W)

Telkwa Coal (93L/11E)

Crater (93L/11E)

Cronin Mine (93L/15W)

Victoria Mine (93M/4E)

Max (93M/6E)

Molly Blue (93M/13E)

West Central British Columbia

Hecate Gold (103G/8)

Bell Molybdenum (103P/6W)

Northeast British Columbia:

Spur (94D/2W)

R.H. Wong, C.I. Godwin and K.C. McTaggart:
Geology K/Ar Dates, and Associated Sulphide Mineralization of Wrede Creek Zoned Metamorphic Complex (94D/9E)

Shas (94E/2W, 3E)

T.G. Schroeter:
Toodoggone River (94E)

D.G. MacIntyre
Driftpile Creek (94K/4W)

Northwest British Columbia

A. Panteleyev
Star Copper Prospect (104J/4, 5)

Moly-Taku (104K/6W)

CY, ENG (104N/10W)

MIR (104N/10W)

Atlin Silver (Ruffner) Mine (104N/11W) 

Cinbar (104N/11W)

AP (104O/7E)

Logtung (104O/1E)

ATAN (104P/1E)

A. Panteleyev
Cassiar Map-Area (104P/4, 5)

Hum Bird (114P/10W)

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