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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Miscellaneous Reports (MR series), Publications (MP series)

Between 1886 and 1982, several reports were released in the Miscellaneous Report (MR) and Miscellaneous Publication (MP) series, both of which have been discontinued.







Guidelines for Mineral Exploration, December 1982


Minerals in British Columbia, 1978, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (A comprehensive overview of the mineral industry for the layman) (75 pages, 24.5MB)

British Columbia Standard System of Mapping, Department of Environment, July 22, 1976, 22 pages (12MB)


Stratigraphy of the Placers in the Atlin Placer Mining Camp, BC, Peter J. Proudlock and Wendy M. Proudlock, 1976, 75 pp. (20.9MB)


Notes on the Physiography and Geology of British Columbia, Officers of the Department, 1961, 5 pp. (867kB)


Airborne Magnetometer Surveys 1956-57, BCDM, 1958, 24 pp. 12 maps (2.8MB)


Report on the Atlin Placer Camp, J.M. Black, 1953, 86 pp. (3.35MB)


Geology and Ore Deposits of the China Creek Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, J.S. Stevenson, 1945, 26 pp. (14.2MB)


Preliminary Investigation into Possibilities for Producing Silica Sand from British Columbia Sand Deposits, J.M. Cummings, 1941, 54 pp. (7.98MB)


Lode-Gold Deposits of the Zeballos Area, West Coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., by J.S. Stevenson, 1938, 23 pp. (6.9MB)


Report on the Properties of Cardinal Mining and Development by B.T. O'Grady (2.0MB)


Report on the Properties of Bonanza Cache Gold Mines by B.T. O'Grady (4.7MB)


Report on the Properties of Goldside Mines by B.T. O'Grady (4.2MB)


Preliminary Report on Field Notes in Cariboo District, B.C., 1885 by Amos Bowman (2.3MB)



MP-01 Mineral Development Agreement, Canada - British Columbia 1985-1990 Brochure
MP-02 Resource Assessment for Coastal and Western British Columbia and the Development of a Portable Modular Mill Design (1986) by TRM Engineering Ltd. (26.5MB)
MP-03 A Preliminary Evaluation of Heap Leaching (1986) Energex Minerals, Toodoggone Project (1.9MB)
MP-04 Market Study of B.C.’s Gypsum in the Pacific Rim Area of North America (1987) by Queenstake Resources Ltd. (9.7MB)
MP-05 A Study of Markets for B.C.’s Nepheline Syenite and Feldspathic Minerals (1988) by Hal McVey (4.2MB)
MP-06 The Custom Milling of Industrial Minerals in B.C. a Study of Commercial Feasibility (BC Trade) 
MP-07 British Columbia Dimension Stone Market Study (1989) by Jay W. Page (2.9MB) 
MP-08 A Study of Mining Shock Hazards (1989) by Bensted, Simpson & Associates (9.4MB)
MP-09 Transportation Cost Study for Industrial Mineral Deposits (BC Trade)
MP-10 Jade Tile Feasibility Study (1986), by M. Waldner and E. Plank (3.1MB)
MP-11 The North American Barium Chemical Market (1990) by Productive Consultants Ltd. (2.1 MB)
MP-12 North American West Coast Pigment Markets with Emphasis on Talc Prospects (1988), by Temanex Incorporated (1.8MB)
MP-13 International Symposium on Flow Through Rock Drains (1987), by the B.C. Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation (30.2MB)


and MP-15

Acid Rock Drainage Technical Guide (1989) Volume I (16.8MB), (1990), Volume II (3.3MB), by Steffen Robertson and Kirsten (B.C.) Inc., Norecol Environmental Consultants, and Gormely Process Engineering

Iskut Valley Road Option Study (1989) by D. Smith, R.F. Gerath (17.6MB); Map (3.9MB)


to MP-33

Non-metallic mineral investigations,1932-1933

Report 1 - Barite in British Columbia, by A.M. Richmond, 1932, 16 pp. (PDF, 6.2MB)
Report 2 - Asbestos in British Columbia, by A.M. Richmond, 1932, 12 pp. (PDF, 4.7MB)
Report 3 - Possibilities of Manufacturing Bottles and Glassware in BC, by A.M. Richmond, 1932, 18 pp.  (PDF, 6.7MB)
Report 4 - Some Undeveloped Clay Deposits of British Columbia, by A.M. Richmond, 1932, 36 pp. (PDF, 12.7MB)
Report 5 - Magnesite and Hydro-Magnesite in British Columbia, by A.M. Richmond, 1933, 21 pp. (PDF, 6.8MB)



Notes on Placer Mining in British Columbia for the Information of the Individual Miner, 1936 (PDF, 13.8MB)



Notes on Placer Mining in British Columbia for the Information of the Individual Miner, 1937 (PDF, 11.5 MB)



Notes on Placer Mining in British Columbia for the Information of the Individual Miner, 1943 (PDF, 12.7MB)



Investigation of Beach Sands, by S.S. Holland and H.W. Nasmith, 1958 (PDF, 604KB)

MP-38 Variations in Uranium and Radioactivity Levels of Potable Surface and Ground Water in the Okanagan and West Kootenay Regions of B.C., April 1980 (PDF, 2.5 MB)
MP-39 Variations in Uranium and Radioactivity Levels in Surface and Ground Water at Selected Sites in B.C., March 1981 (PDF, 4.7MB)
MP-40 Annual Report of the Engineering and Inspection Branch 1989 (PDF, 3.6MB)
MP-41 British Columbia: The Mining Industry, 1936 - see Part A of Annual Report for 1936 (PDF, 24.1MB)
MP-42 Possibilities for the Manufacture of Mineral Wool in British Columbia, by J.M. Cummings, 1937 (PDF, 16.0MB)
MP-44 A Review of Mining and Mineral Resources in B.C., by H. Sargent, 1949, (a reprint of the Brief on Mining) (PDF, 14.1MB)
MP-45 Mining in British Columbia: An Outline of the Development of the Industry, 1952 (PDF, 4.5MB)
MP-46 Mining in British Columbia: An Outline of the Development of the Industry, 1954 (PDF, 6.0MB)
Information Reports (Summary of Operations 1980-1984)
Historic Mines of British Columbia (Open File 2003-3)
Mining in British Columbia Volume I - Mine Production, 1975-1980 (PDF, 5.3MB)
Mining in British Columbia Volume II - Report of the Chief Inspector, 1975-1980 (PDF, 11.1MB)
MP-47 British Columbia Mine Rescue Manual, 1989 (this publication supersedes mine rescue publications: Paper 1977-2 and Paper 1981-4) (PDF, 35.0MB)
MP-55 Reclamation Permit Requirements, 2011
MP-56 ARD Guidelines for Mine Sites in B.C. by William A. Price and John C. Errington, Mine Review and Permitting Branch (PDF, 184KB)

1980 Information Report 1984-2


1981 Information Report 1984-3


1982 Information Report 1984-4


1983 Information Report 1984-5


1984 Information Report 1986-1


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