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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Miscellaneous Reports


  • Miscellaneous Reports
Series Title/Author/Date/Details

Guidelines for Mineral Exploration, December 1982


Stratigraphy of the Placers in the Atlin Placer Mining Camp, BC, Peter J. Proudlock and Wendy M. Proudlock, 1976, 75 pp. (20.9MB)


Notes on the Physiography and Geology of British Columbia, Officers of the Department, 1961, 5 pp. (867kB)


Airborne Magnetometer Surveys 1956-57, BCDM, 1958, 24 pp. 12 maps (2.8MB)


Report on the Atlin Placer Camp, J.M. Black, 1953, 86 pp. (3.35MB)


Geology and Ore Deposits of the China Creek Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, J.S. Stevenson, 1945, 26 pp. (14.2MB)


Preliminary Investigation into Possibilities for Producing Silica Sand from British Columbia Sand Deposits, J.M. Cummings, 1941, 54 pp. (7.98MB)

MR1938-01 Lode-Gold Deposits of the Zeballos Area, West Coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., by J.S. Stevenson, 1938, 23 pp. (6.9MB)
MR1936 Report on the Properties of Cardinal Mining and Development by B.T. O'Grady (2.0MB)
MR1935-02 Report on the Properties of Bonanza Cache Gold Mines by B.T. O'Grady (4.7MB)
MR1935-01 Report on the Properties of Goldside Mines by B.T. O'Grady (4.2MB)
MR1886-01 Preliminary Report on Field Notes in Cariboo District, B.C., 1885 by Amos Bowman (2.3MB)

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Paper publications may be viewed at various libraries, such as the Ministry Library at 1810 Blanshard Street in Victoria, B.C.  Please call ahead to book an appointment.