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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Bulletin 7: Lode-Gold Deposits of the Upper Lemon Creek Area and Lyle Creek - White Water Creek Area, Kootenay District

by R.J. Maconachie, 1940

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Bulletin 7 discusses lode-gold deposits of the Upper Lemon Creeks area and Lyle Creek-Whitewater Creek area, Kootenay District.  Fieldwork in the area adjacent to the headwaters of Lemon Creek, undertaken during the 1939 season, was complementary to similar work completed on the lower reaches of the creek during the previous year.  


Similar conditions prevail generally throughout these two entirely arbitrary subdivisions and reference to the Annual Report, Minister of Mines BC, 1938, which contains data on conditions farther down the creek, will probably be of assistance and permit a broader conception of the region as a whole.  The sketch map which accompanied the 1938 report (Figure 1) together with Figure 2 (which accompanies this report), cover Lemon Creek for its entire length.  Lemon Creek joins the Slocan River about 6 miles south from Slocan City.


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