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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Starr File

This file was donated in July 1999 by the Okanogan County Historical Society, Washington USA. It contains information on mines and property visits by Charles C. Starr, Consulting Geologist, from the 1920s to late 1950s. This file of 158 entries, which references 199 occurrences in MINFILE, has been amalgamated with our Property File.

The table below is sorted by MINFILE Number.


The MINFILE Number search in MINFILE/www search can be used to view individual occurrences. 

To build a table of the occurrences using the Import Numbers option, save this text file as the import file.  



MINFILE No. Names Area NTS Map
082ESE042 City of Paris Grand Forks 82E/2E
082ESE055 Dentonia, Jewel-Etheopea Greenwood 82E/2E
082ESE059 Maple Leaf (Rathmullen) Eholt 82E/2E
082ESE082 Mollie Gibson (Burnt Basin) Paulson 82E/1E
082ESE083, 084, 085, 086, 087 Inland Empire, Berlin, Cascade, Albion No. 2, Enterprise Paulsen 82E/1E
082ESE170 English & French (Bonanza Fr.) Grand Forks 82E/1W
082ESW004 Mak Siccar Similkameen 82E/4E
082ESW006 Morning Star Oliver, Fairview 82E/4E
082ESW013 Bullion Olalla 82E/5W
082ESW047 Acacia, Nelson Hedley 82E/5W
082FNE007 Amazon, Superior Ainsworth 82F/15W
082FNE018 Lakeshore Ainsworth 82F/15W
082FNE029, 028 Banker, Maestro Ainsworth 82F/10W
082FNE041 Berengaria Deanshaven 82F/10W
082FNE049 Leviathan Kaslo 82F/15W
082FNE050 Otto, Nickle King Kaslo 82F/15W
082FNE067, 068 Mystery, Blue Peter, Pollen-Dewar-Meacham 27 km from Marysville, Alki Creek 82F/9E
082FNE077 United Ainsworth 92F/10W
082FNE121 Kirby Riondel, Kootenay Lake 82F/15W
082FNW003 Bosun (Alpha) Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW004, 178, 005 Hartney, Marion, California New Denver 82F/14W
082FNW009 Wakefield, Budweiser Ainsworth 82F/14W
082FNW015 Hallmac Sandon 82F/14E
082FNW015, 016, 082KSW155 Altoona, Mercury, Eagle (Golden Slipper Mines Ltd. properties) Sandon, Slocan M.D. 82F/14E, 82K/3
082FNW016 Mercury, Silver Bill Kaslo 82F/14E
082FNW054 Richmond-Eureka Sandon, Slocan M.D. 82F/14E
082FNW058 Oakland Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW060 Mammoth Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW060, 148, 062, 180, 182 Western Exploration Co. Ltd. Files 1948-59 (Mammoth, Enterprise, Hecla, Standard, Buffalo) Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW062, 180 Mammoth, Standard Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW063 Lucky Thought Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW064, 065 Van Roi, Hewitt Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW067 Galena Farm Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW069, 055, 254 Colonial-Slocan (Colonial, Freddie Lee, Jazmine) Sandon, Slocan M.D. 82F/14E
082FNW079 Fisher Maiden Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14E
082FNW086 Utica Kaslo 82F/14E
082FNW091 Montezuma Zwicky 82F/14E
082FNW100 Silver Bear Kaslo 82F/14E
082FNW101 Index Kaslo 82F/14E
082FNW106 Revenue Kaslo 82F/14E
082FNW129 Hope No. 2 (Piedmont) Lemon Creek, near Slocan City 82F/11W
082FNW148 Enterprise Slocan City 82F/14W
082FNW152, 154, 155, 148, 147, 232, 145 Arlington, Anna, Ottawa, Enterprise, Neepawa, Mount Royal, Westmont Slocan City, Springer and Ten-Mile creeks 82F/14W
082FNW165 White Hope Slocan City 82F/14W
082FNW166 Kalispell Slocan City 82F/14W
082FNW180, 060 Standard Slocan 82F/14W
082FNW181, 020, 037, 019 American Boy, Last Chance, Noble Five, Ajax Sandon 82F/14E
082FNW212 L.H. Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW223, 011 Black Colt, Silver Ridge Sandon, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW240 Iron Mask (Condor) Silverton, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FNW247; 082FSW082 Iron King, Queen Victoria Beasley 82F/11W
082FNW271 (new) Cariboo Nelson 82F/11E
082FNWGEN Golden Slipper Mines holdings Sandon, Slocan M.D. 82F/14W
082FSE032 Spokane Salmo 82F/2W
082FSE036 Wisconsin Nelson, 20 km from Midge Creek 82F/7W
082FSE082 Humdinger-Hunkadora Cultus Creek, Nelson M.D. 82F/7W
082FSE093 Sarah Duck Creek 82F/1W
082FSW001 Aspen Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW024 Red Bird Waneta, Pend Oreille R. 82F/6W
082FSW025 Red Rock Salmo 82F/3W
082FSW036 Reno Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW037 Bluestone Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW040, 041 Nugget, Motherlode Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW043 Golden Belle Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW048, 051, 052 Queen, Alexander, Yellowstone Salmo, Sheep Creek Camp 82F/3E
082FSW053, 054 Ore Hill, Summit Salmo 82F/3E
082FSW063 Porcupine Ymir 82F/6E
082FSW067, 068 Yankee Girl (Dundee) Ymir 82F/6E
082FSW073 Goodenough (Protection) Ymir 82F/6E
082FSW074 Ymir Ymir 82F/6E
082FSW077 Wilcox Ymir 82F/6E
082FSW136, 134 Cliff, St. Elmo Rossland 82F/4W
082FSW169 California Nelson 82F/6W
082FSW181 Gold King Nelson 82F/6W
082FSW189 Porto Rico Ymir 82F/6W
082FSW199 Howard Ymir 82F/3E
082FSW200 Clubine, Boulder City Salmo 82F/3W
082FSW294 Toughnut Nelson, Toad Mtn 82F/6W
082FSW308, 181 Flying Dutchman, Gold King (H.B.) Nelson, Hall Creek 82F/6W
082FSW377 Little George, Garfield Ymir 82F/6E
082FSWGEN Salmo Consolidated Mines Ltd property Salmo, Sheep Creek 82F/3E
082GNW019 Dardanelle Fort Steele 82G/12E
082KNE018 Giant (Silver Giant) Spillimacheen R., Golden M.D. 82K/16W
082KNE058 Riverside (International) Howser 82K/10W
082KNW027 Silver Cup Ferguson 82K/11W
082KNW030, 060, 062 True Fissure Ferguson 82K/11W, 12E
082KNW032 Ophir Lade Ferguson 82K/11W
082KNW037, 038 White Quail, Index (Wickenden) Ferguson, Gainer Creek 82K/11W
082KNW061 Great Northern Ferguson 82K/11W,12E
082KNW064 Meridian Cambourne 82K/13E
082KNW068 Wigwam Revelstoke 82K/13W
082KNW081 Gold Hill (Ellsmere) Ferguson 82K/14W
082KNW100, 099, 170 Nettie L, Ajax, May Be Ferguson 82K/11W
082KNW036, 037, 106, 038 Mollie Mac, White Quail, Hidden Treasure, Index Ferguson, Gainer Creek 82K/11W
082KNW180, 043, 044 Harvey, Excise, Eclipse Cambourne 82K/13E
082KSE001 Mineral King (Silver King) Invermere 82K/8W
082KSE012 President Howser 82K/7W
082KSE026 St. Patrick Argenta 82K/2W
082KSE029 Paradise Invermere 82K/8W
082KSW030 Wellington Retallack 82K/3E
082KSW037 Phoenix (Highland Surprise) Retallack 82K/3E
082KSW043 Contact Kaslo 82K/3E
082KSW046 Beaver Kaslo 82K/3E
082KSW060 Shannon, Commodore Roseberry 82K/4E
082KSW125 Juno Cascade Creek, Poplar 82K/6E
082KSW127, 084 Noonday, Upper Comstock Poplar, Cascade Creek 82K/6E
082LSW013 Skookum Vernon, Newport Creek 82L/6W
082LSW014 Scottey Southwest of Vernon 82L/4E
082M 003 J & L Revelstoke 82M/2E
082N 019, 020 Monarch, Kicking Horse Field 82N/8W
082N 021 Hawk Creek, Albion Kootenay N.P., Hawk Creek 82N/1E
083D 013 War Colt Kamloops M.D., Raush Valley 83D/12W
092C 073 Gabbro (Sunro) Jordan R., Vancouver I. 92C/8E
092E 011 Tidewater, Indian Chief Sidney Inlet 92E/8W
092E 016 Brown Jug, Hesquiat Vancouver I. 92E/8W
092E 043 Sunrise (Eliza) Port Eliza 92E/14E
092F 039 Maple Leaf Warn Bay, Vancouver I. 92F/5E
092F 057 Noble B. Bear River, Vancouver I. 92F/5E
092F 081 B and K, Beaton & Keisig-Cameron Alberni M.D., headwaters of China Creek 92F/2E
092F 132 St. Joseph Lasqueti I. 92F/9W
092F 372 Pride of the West Toquart Harbor 92F/3W
092GSW003 Lynn Creek Grouse Mtn, N. Vancouver 92G/6E
092HSE006 Red Buck Princeton, Similkameen M.D. 92H/7E
092HSE058 Victoria (Dago) Hedley 92H/8E
092HSE062, 059, 130, 061, 036, 063 Hedley, Kingston, French, Eagle's Nest, Florence, Mascot Fraction, Duffy Hedley 92H/8E
092HSWGEN Harrison Westminster M.D., Chehalis R. 92H
092HSW036 Aufeas Hope 92H/6W
092HSW063 Star, Mountain Goat, Iron Mass Pierce Mtn, New Westminster M.D, Sardis 92H/4E
092INW036 Grange (Big Slide) Clinton 92I/13W
092JNE008 Holland Pioneer 92J/15W
092JNE041 Lillomer Minto 92J/15W
092JNE052 Gridiron Birken 92J/10W
092JNE165 Golden Ledge Bridge R. M.D. 92J/15W
092JSE013 Fitzsimmons Rainbow 92J/2W
092K 023 Doratha Morton Phillips Arm 92K/11W
092K 028, 023, 024 Alexandria, Enid-Julie, Doratha Morton Phillips Arm 92K/11W,6W
092K 035 Douglas Pine Shoal Bay 92K/6W
092K 036 White Pine Shoal Bay (Thurlow P.O.) 92K/6W
092K 048 Loughborough Roy 92K/12E
092K GEN Gold Top Salmon R. 92K/4
092L 010 Gold Peak (White Star) Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 015 Lone Star, Rey Oro Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 015 Lone Star, C.D. (Rey Oro) Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 016 Rimy Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 020, 215 King Midas, Lynch Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 039 Gold Spring (Gold Streak) Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
092L 149 Major, Zeballos Dome Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2E
092L 212, 213, 018 Central Zeballos Gold Mines Ltd., Extension 5, Extension 10 Zeballos, Vancouver I. 92L/2W
093A 021, 028 Corban, Talbot, Cariboo Yankee Belle Mine Keithley Creek 93A/14W
103C 001 Early Bird Moresby I., Queen Charlotte Islands 103C/16E
103C 002 Haida Queen Charlotte Islands 103C/16E
103C 003 Tassoo Harbour Tassoo Harbour, Moresby I. 103C/16E
103C 003, 004 Jones (Tasu, Garnet) Tassoo Harbour, Moresby I, Queen Charlotte Islands 103C/16E
103P 050 Gold Cliff Stewart 103P/13W
104B 052 Premier Extension Stewart 104B/1E
104B 090 Woodbine Stewart 104B/1E
104B 112 Glacier Stewart 104B/1E
104B GEN Silver Range Stewart, 16 km from Marmot River Landing 104B