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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Property File


The BC Geological Survey's Property File accepts geoscience and exploration documents to keep this valuable resource growing and vital. 


Please note: at this time some links to the PDF document on the search results or document record page  for the Library Collection are not linked.  We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  In the interim we will provide the document upon request or we have also provided an Excel spreadsheet below containing the document information with URL links to the PDF.


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Donated materials are acknowledged as specific collections.  Please contact Kirk Hancock regarding donations.


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Property File is a collection of over 68,000 documents, most of which were donated by industry or collected by British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) staff.  These documents extend back over 150 years and include hand-drawn maps, drill core records, correspondence, thin sections, reports and prospectuses.  Given increasing commodity prices and expanding infrastructure, uneconomic past discoveries may become future exploration targets.


Since 2007, the British Columbia Geological Survey, through an ongoing project managed by Purple Rock Inc., has been updating and providing online access to the Property File database.  As of March 2018, over 67,600 documents are available online, including 17,093 Library items and 3300 Mine Plans. Recent additions include 4950 documents from collections donated by the estates of Nick Carter, Dennis Gorc, W.G. Hainsworth, R.V. Kirkham, and W.M. Sharp.  Other recent contributions include scans of 875 RGS location maps (funded by Geoscience BC), more than 9100 documents from Tom Schroeter project files, more than 9400 documents form Dick Player project files, 7600 Rimfire documents and a collection of 680 University of British Columbia undergraduate theses and reports from the 1920s to 1960s.  Access to the documents are through a search page with links to PDF files through the results screen.  Documents are also linked through the MINFILE bibliography in an ongoing process. 


Over 50,000 Property File documents are available for free download at



Map of New Occurrences
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A recent review of Property File documents identified 56 new MINFILE occurrences which were added to the MINFILE database.


Download an Excel list of the MINFILE numbers


See below for status of the various collections.  Click here to review Property File Metadata.  The BC Geological Survey, Resource Information Section would appreciate feedback from users on their impressions and comments about the data and interfaces.  Property File comments can be forwarded to Kirk Hancock.

Acquisitions and Activity:

  • Chevron File, September 2001
    3300 exploration reports, maps and property assessments by Chevron, from the mid 1970s to early 1990s.  The index is available as an Excel download. The QUEST project has allowed Purple Rock to scan, index, and add about 297 documents to MINFILE.
  • Cyprus-Anvil File, 2004, index updated August 2006:
    Almost 3000 exploration reports, maps and property assessments by Anvil Range and its predecessor companies, dating primarily from the 1960's and 1970's. The file is indexed by NTS area and is available for download.  The QUEST project has allowed Purple Rock to scan, index, and add about 1911 documents to MINFILE.
  • Digital Archive of Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) Maps, April 2012:
    Hardcopy maps showing sample locations for the Regional Geochemical Surveys (RGS) in BC have been
    scanned and digitally archived.  In total, 876 maps are indexed and archived as "RGS Maps" collection in the
    Property File, accessible at  This work is the result of a joint effort by the BC
    Geological Survey and Geoscience BC.
  • Dawson, Ken, 2010
    Five boxes were donated in 2009 which have yet to be scanned and posted.
  • EMR CORPFILE and EMR CORPFILE INDEX -  After more than 15 years, the EMR CORPFILE and EMR CORPFILE Index are now available for BC Properties through the NRCan Library in Ottawa.  These documents have been culled and indexed and a copy of the index is also available via the MINFILE Coding Manual.   
  • General Property File:
    The content of general references in each NTS area has been completed.  Entries total 17,093.
  • Dennis Gorc, 2010:
    129 documents were indexed and scanned in April 2012.
  • Hainsworth, W.G. (Estate of), 2010:
    596 documents have been indexed and scanned and were posted in April 2012 and added to MINFILE.
  • R.V. Kirkham, 2012:
    2333 documents have been indexed, scanned and posted in August 2013.
  • Falconbridge File, 1994, index updated March 2004:
    Over 400 exploration reports, maps and property assessments by Falconbridge from 1919s to mid-1990s.  The file is indexed by NTS area and is available for download and all are posted to the web.
  • Panteleyev, Andre, 2010:
    180 documents were scanned in February 2011.


  • Placer Dome File, April 1999:
    After the Kamloops exploration office closed, 61 boxes were donated to Property File. A catalogue of 1637 entries has been indexed to MINFILE Number or region. The QUEST project has allowed Purple Rock to scan, index, and add about 473 documents to MINFILE.
  • Rimfile File, 2006:
    Exploration reports, notes, maps and other materials from Rimfire Minerals and Inmet Mining were donated in 2006, the QUEST project has allowed Purple Rock to scan, index, and add about 7834 documents to MINFILE.
  • Starr File, July 1999:
    426 documents and maps on mines and property visits by Charles C. Starr from 1920's to 1950s; includes 71 entries from Western Exploration Co. Ltd.  Documents posted to the web total 95.
  • Tom Schroeter File, December 2010:
    There are 9850 documents in this collection which have been scanned, indexed and uploaded.  A number of new MINFILE occurrences were coded.
  • The Sherwin Kelly File (pdf format), March 2004
    This file is a 15-box collection of B.C. mineral and energy related property reports archived at the Nicola Valley Museum. Further inquires regarding the index and File should be directed to Nicola Valley Museum Archives Association, 2202 Jackson Avenue, P.O. Box 1262 Merritt, B.C. Canada VIK IB8; Phone/Fax:  (250)378-4145; Email:; Web:
  • UBC Undergraduate Thesis 2012: 
    679 documents were donated in 2007 by the Unversity of British Columbia (UBC).  In April 2012 these documents were scanned and indexed.
  • Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Library Catalogues

    • Historic Photos - This website shows photos taken by former Ministry staff over the last 100 years.  Currently, there are over 1000 photos in the Library catalogue with references for further information on each one.  They can be located by Clicking on Catalogue Search, Type in a keyword Eg. "Hedley"; then select "Any" under Index name category; Check off "Mediums" Check Box and double-click on "Picture, Postcard, Poster" to select this medium and hit "Search" button.


Property File hard copies may be viewed at:

Natural Resources Sector, J.T. Fyles Library
Main Floor, 1810 Blanshard Street,  Victoria, BC 


Donations of British Columbia geoscience information to Property File are encouraged.  Inquiries regarding donations please contact Kirk Hancock

For access to Property File please contact Library Services at (250) 952-0583.