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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Commodity File


The Commodity File Index for the web was started in November 2004 by the BC Geological Survey to track commodity material.   


Geological material relating to uranium in British Columbia is kept in three areas within the Ministry Library
  1. In the vertical files in the main stacks.  This mainly comprises The Royal Commission on Uranium material.  It has been catalogued and does appear in the library search.  This uranium file index is available in Excel Format for download and is sorted by Deposit/Property, NTS Area and Box No.
  2. In the rolling stacks area beside the Coal Files, a considerable amount of Royal Commission (?) material exists that does not appear to be catalogued.
  3. In the old "Commodities" files in the back rolling-stacks area, beside the Coal Files.  This material was catalogued in 2004.