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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


British Columbia produces copper, molybdenum, zinc, lead, silver, gold, aluminum and other metals from eight mines and two smelters.  The province has potential to provide nickel, platinum, palladium, tungsten and a number of other metals.

Mineral Deposit Profiles
GeoFile 1996-1 - New Mineral Deposit Models for the Cordillera 
Open File 1998-8: Metallogeny of Volcanic Arcs (Short Course at Pathways '98)
Open File 1999-2: Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits in BC
Open File 1999-14: Potential for Subaqueous Hot-Spring (Eskay Creek) Deposits in BC
Open File 2000-22: Sedimentary Hosted Exhalative Deposits of BC
Bulletin 88:  Carbonatites, Nepheline Syenites, Kimberlites and Related Rocks in BC
Bulletin 101:  Skarns in British Columbia
Bulletin 108:  Ophiolite Related Gold-Quartz Veins in North American Cordillera
Open File 2004-18:  Lode Gold Production and Resources in BC (1890-2003)
Mines & Exploration Projects by Year
GeoFile 1998-2:  Characteristics of Gold Skarns
Open File 1998-10: Major Silver Deposits of BC
GeoFile 2000-2: Platinum Group Element Mineral Occurrences in BC
GeoFile 2000-5: Potential for Palladium and Platinum Deposits
GeoFile 2004-11: Significant Porphyry Cu-Au Resources
GeoFile 2005-23:  Table of Significant BC Porphyry Molybdenum Resources
IC 2005-3: Molybdenum in British Columbia
IC 2003-2: Gold Brochure
IC 1998-10: World Class Silver Mines
GeoFile 2006-7: Massive Sulphide Deposits at Myra Falls Operations, Vancouver Island, BC
GeoFile 2004-6: Platinum Group Elements in Alkaline Cu-Au Porphyry
GeoFile 2002-5: BC's Fe Oxide Cu-Au Deposit Potential
Geological Fieldwork 2005

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