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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
Database Last Posted
Mineral Titles MTO claims updated nightly. Please see Mineral Titles Branch.
Petroleum Tenure & Wells Updated nightly
ARIS Updated monthly
CGKN Data Catalogue Periodically
COALFILE Data Periodically
RGS - database updated May 11, 2011 locations/reports/downloads; see GeoFile 2015-03
Geophysical Surveys Periodically, see Table
Rock Geochemistry May 5, 2005; next update target December 2015
Bedrock Geology Ongoing
BCAge Geochron October 19, 2004
BC Parks (July 2004) July 16, 2004
RGS - Till data added July 4, 2014
Crown Grant Rasters December 12, 2000