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The MapPlace - Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Skeena Arch

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Details:  This map, in Universal Transverse Mercator projection, shows the geology and mineral deposits of the Skeena Arch area of West Central British Columbia. This map, funded by Geoscience BC and delivered by D.G. MacIntyre and Associates Ltd., is one of the components of Geofile 2007-3/Geoscience BC Report 2007-5.  Other components include GIS files for download.


View Skeena Arch Map

View Skeena Arch Map


The Skeena Arch is a northeast trending belt of uplifted Jurassic and older rocks that transects central British Columbia. This uplift is believed to have formed in the Middle Jurassic and resulted in separation of the Bowser and Nechako basins. Rocks exposed along the Skeena Arch represent a long lived magmatic arc that has produced a diverse range of mineral deposits in a wide variety of geologic settings. This area represents some of the most richly endowed terrain in British Columbia and has been the site of mineral exploration for the past 125 years.


The information contained within the Skeena Arch map is organized in such a way as to highlight the mineral resource potential of this important metallogenic belt. Users can select layer groups for a number of different deposits types that are found along the trend of the arch. The information that was compiled to build the Skeena Arch map comes from a digital geology compilation done by the BCGS (Massey et al., 2005). Datasets from this compilation and other sources have been reduced by restricting the data to the extent of the project area. This area includes all of the Hazelton (093M), Smithers (093L) and Whitesail (093E), the south half of the McConnell Creek (094D), east half of the Terrace (103I) and southeast corner of the Nass River (103P) map sheets.


The Legend Window is organized into themes. Administrative layers are at the top, followed by mineral occurrence, ARIS, RGS and mineral title layers. Landuse planning and topographic layers, including TRIM, are in the middle of the legend window. Below these are a series of metallogenic layer groups designed to highlight the distribution and exploration potential for a number of key deposits types such as Porphyry Cu, Porphyry Mo, Eskay Creek type VMS and Epithermal Au-Ag. Each layer group contains MINFILE, RGS and geology layers that are relevant to the particular deposit type. Below the metallogenic layer groups are the regional geology layers follow at the bottom of the legend window by various raster layers (LandSat, DEM and Aeromagnetics).


Topographic layers are also arranged into layer groups. The information displayed when a layer group, for example rivers, is turned on will depend on the scale that the map is zoomed in to. Below a zoom scale of 1:100,000 topographic layers are mainly from TRIM (Terrain Resource Information Management). These layers include Transport Structures, Rail, Roads, Rivers, Lakes, Land Cover and Contours.


Downloadable Datasets

A key objective of the Skeena Arch project was to generate a series of GIS compatible data files that could be downloaded and incorporated into standard GIS software packages. Below is a list of the files currently available. The files are available as ESRI shape files because this format can be used in almost all commercially available GIS packages including ESRI’s free Arc Explorer. Two projections are currently available – UTM and Geographic. Also included for download is a Manifold GIS Map file that contains all of the layers used to build the Skeena Arch metallogenic map. Manifold also supports the creation of KML (Google Earth) files for specific layers and a number of these have been generated for the Skeena Arch project area.


Massey, N.W.D., MacIntyre, D.G. and Desjardins, P.J. (2003): Digital Geology Map of British Columbia: Tile NN9 North Coast, B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, GeoFile 2003-13, scale 1:250,000.

Massey, N.W.D., MacIntyre, D.G., and Desjardins, P.J. (2003a): Digital Geology Map of British Columbia: Tile NO9 North Central B.C., B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, GeoFile 2003-18, scale 1:250,000.


MacIntyre, D.G. (2006):  Geology and Mineral Resources of the Skeena Arch, West-Central British Columbia: A Geoscience BC Digital Data Compilation Project (parts of NTS 093E, L, M, 094D, 103I and 103P), in Geological Fieldwork 2005, B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Paper 2006-1, pages 303-312.


MacIntyre, D.G. (2007):  Geology and Mineral Resources of the Skeena Arch, West-Central British Columbia/Parts of NTS 093E, L, M; 094D; 103I, P):  Update on Geoscience BC Digital Data Compilation Project. in Geological Fieldwork 2005, B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Paper 2007-1, pages 333-340.

Contacts and Notes:

For more information contact: Don MacIntyre.

Geoscience BC Project 2005-003.