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The MapPlace - GSC & GSB Geology Map Indexes

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Details:  Displays Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and B.C. Geological Survey (GSB) map indexes on a map of the World, zoomed into Canada.  Volcanoes are available on this map.  See also BC Geology Map Index or view this GSC & GSB Geology Map Index.

arrow BCGS Metadata Catalogue (formerly known as the CGKN Data Catalogue)
A comprehensive metadata catalogue to facilitate discovery of geoscience data, maps and publications from federal, provincial and territorial geoscience agencies.
arrow Canadian Geoscience Publications Directory (CGPD)
The CGPD provides graphical access to distributed metadata describing all Canadian Geoscience publications. The location of maps and reports are displayed in polygonal form on a backdrop generated from national regional geological maps, using popular web browsers and a free Mapguide plug-in.

View GSC & GSB Geology Map Indexes