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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

The MapPlace - Wolf Capoose Lake Geophysics Map (NTS 093F/03, 093F/06SE)

(GSC OF 3533)

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Details:  The Wolf-Capoose Lake map features multisensor, airborne geophysical surveys, which includes one magnetic and eight radiometric parameters.  The files are also available for download in PNG georeferenced format.  This 1997 survey is included with the Interior Plateau geophysics map.

View Wolf-Capoose Lake Geophysics Map


Wolf-Capoose Lake Geophysics Map


Analogue and digital products include data for eight radiometric and one magnetic parameters:

GSC Open Files 3533  
  Open File 3533
File Downloads Zip Files
Georeferenced PNG files (UTM Zone 10 NAD 83) (42.1 MB)
Georeferenced PNG files (Albers NAD 83) (39.6 MB)