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The MapPlace - QUEST-South Airborne Gravity Survey  


Details: Sander Geophysics Limited (SGL) conducted a high-definition airborne gravity survey for Geoscience BC (GBC) in the QUEST South area of British Columbia.  The survey was flown from September 1 to November 1, 2009.  The survey block is situated in the southwestern part of British Columbia and consists of an irregular polygon, with a maximum length of 352 km and a maximum width of 171 km.  The survey was flown using SGL's airborne gravity system designated AIRGrav (Airborne Inertially Referenced Gravimeter).


bullet General Terms & Conditions for Geophysical Data
bullet See Geoscience BC QUEST-South Project for a summary and downloads

View QUEST-South Airborne Gravity Survey Map

QUEST-West Airborne Gravity Survey Map