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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

The MapPlace - Petroleum Tenure & Wells Map

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Details: This map displays northeastern BC Petroleum and Natural Gas well locations, tenure, PNG grid, oil & gas fields and major pipelines. Tools allow searches for tenure owner, tenure number, range of tenure numbers, well site name, and BC Gazetteer locations. Coal deposits, coal fields and coal tenure (visible < 1M scale) are also included on this map.
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View Petroleum Tenure and Wells Map

View Integrated Petroleum System (IPS) or IPSWeb

Available Petroleum Layers:

Petroleum Layers

Visible Scale

MapPlace Report

Data & Metadata


Well Surface Hole LRDW <15M Yes (<1.5M)

BCGW Status / BCGW Event

Well Site by Well Number/ZoomGoto
Well Bottom Hole LRDW <15M Yes (<1.5M) BCGW Status / BCGW Event ZoomGoto
Well Directional Survey LRDW <15M Yes (<1.5M) BCGW ZoomGoto
Oil & Gas Pipelines <16M - - -
PNG Wells NE (2002) <15M Yes - -
PNG Wells SE <15M - - -
PNG Wells SW (2002) <50M Yes - ZoomGoto
Petroleum Tenure <3M Yes BCGW Tenure Number/Tenure Number Range/Tenure Owner/ZoomGoto
Petroleum Tenure Labels <300K Yes BCGW -
PNG Grid Groups, Blocks, Units with Labels <100K for Units - BCGW -
PNG Grid Labels (NE only) <100K - - -
PNG Peace River Grid <100K - BCGW -
Offshore Wells All Scales -



PNG Reports Locations <25M Yes - -
NE Oil & Gas Fields <5M - FTP Site ZoomGoto
NE Oil & Gas Field Labels <1M - FTP Site -

Updates to Petroleum and Wells Map:

January 11, 2008: Updated PNG Wells with data from LRDW, including Well Surface Hole, Well Bottom Hole, and Well Directional Survey layers.  Layers are connected to reports by selecting wells and the report button, or left double-click the well.

September 21, 2007: Added Bouguer, Free Air, and Isostatic Gravity.

January 5, 2006: Updated the Tenure Number search, Owner search and Petroleum Tenure layer report to query the Land and Resource Data Warehouse. The map will now automatically zoom to search results.

October 4, 2005: Added Nechako Basin gravity data.

July 27, 2004:  Added PNG Report Locations and Footprints.   Located in the Petroleum Layers group, turn on the PNG Report Locations layer and double-clicked the point to reveal the footprint area of the report.  If that report has been scanned, represented by the red squares, double-click the footprint to link to the scanned PNG Reports (Only available in Internet Explorer).  Use the select tool to view tabular reports with links associated with the PNG Report Locations layer.  Also, use the Zoom-GoTo tool to locate reports based on report name.

This is a test phase, if you would like to view more reports in the future please email Fil Ferri.

March 8, 2004:
Added well symbols for the PNG Wells NE, SW and SE layer and reports to SW Wells with links to detailed SW Well Reports.

March 3, 2004: Double-click the Footprint of the Bowser Basin to zoom to the detailed geology of the Northern Bowser Basin (Only works in Internet Explorer). Select the rock units for a detailed legend report for Bowser Basin Geology.

January 28, 2004: Added Vitrinite and Bitumen Reflectance Data and Preliminary Organic Maturity Model for the Northern two thirds of the Bowser and Sustut Basins, North-Central British Columbia (Petroleum Open File 2002-1).

Contacts and Links:
bullet Petroleum Tenure & Wells Map Metadata  View Schema

For questions regarding acquiring title contact 250-953-3394.  For questions regarding existing titles contact Terry Branscombe at 250-952-0340.


IPSWeb - the Integrated Petroleum System - is the public search interface to the provincial petroleum tenure data and related tenure administration


For Crown Sale maps visit Posting Request Maps on the Oil and Gas Titles webpage at


Oil & Gas Commission - reserves and production Data Download Products; Monthly Drilling Reports


OGC FTP Site: Facilities; Well Surface locations; O&G Fields; Petroleum Development Roads; Administrative Zones


PNG tenure grid and other data are available though the Discovery Service - Download Data Service.


Oil & Gas Website

bullet Offshore Data