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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
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Details: This map is designed for simple use.  Use the Tools to navigate, zoom and print the map.  The Index map can also be use to navigate using the draw box method (left-click mouse, drag, release). Themes include Mining, Exploration Projects, Tenure, First Nations and Environmental Assessment Projects.  Some layers have a Zoom Goto feature, which is activated by left-clicking the and selecting from a list; the object appears if the layer is turned on.  A Legend tab displays a view-dependent legend.  Right-click the map for additional functionality.
bullet MapPlace2Go Features: PowerPoint (7MB) or PDF (2.5MB) formats


MapPlace2Go Glossary

The Mines, Major Projects and Exploration Projects layers are linked to a ‘Project Record Summary’ report, which includes project status, example: ‘Operating’ or ‘Significant Exploration’, company contact information including their website if available. From this report there are links to MINFILE, Notices of Work, Environmental Assessment Projects, and KML for Google Earth display.  To view the Project Record Summary report, double-click the left mouse button on the mine or project symbol.


Reports are also associated with the tenure layer, First Nation’s Aboriginal Communities layer, Federal Electoral Boundaries layer, and Environmental Assessment for Mining and Energy projects. To activate the reports, double-click the left mouse button on the desired object on the map.  Tenure can be viewed at 1:1 million scale and is linked to the Mineral Titles Online viewer report. The Federal Electoral Boundaries layers link to the Voter Information Service site for the selected district. The Environment Assessment layer links to EAO Projects from the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Project Information Centre (e-PIC).  This site also has maps of EA Projects in BC.


Note 1: Printing a map with layers that have shading, such as SOI or Mineral Titles, may be slow.  Using the Rasterize print job selection in the Print dialog may help.


MapPlace2Go Map