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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

The MapPlace - Jennings River Geology Map

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Details: This map, in Albers Equal Area projection, has all the datasets and Jennings River area detailed geology. It is part of the Jennings River/Wolf Lake component of the Ancient Pacific Margin NATMAP project, a cooperative effort with the Geological Survey of Canada. The present map area, 104O/14E and 15, is centrally located between other areas covered by the Jennings/Wolf project. Mapping by Nelson et al., 2001, is available at a 1:50,000 scale.  The detailed map features Station Points, Features and Labels; Geology Lines, Polygons (stippled and solid) and Labels; Outcrops; and Eskers.


The map also includes the 2006 Jennings River Aeromagnetic Survey, which is also available in UTM Zone 9 projection.


View Jennings River Geology Map

Jennings River


The Legend Window is organized into themes. Administrative layers are at the top, followed by mineral occurrence, ARIS, RGS and mineral title layers. Landuse planning and topographic layers, including TRIM, are in the middle of the legend window. Look for the detailed and provincial geology and raster layers (LandSat, DEM and Aeromagnetics) near the bottom of the legend window.  Aeromagnetics is available for NTS 104O and 104N, but not 104K.  Two sets of Mineral Potential layers are available, a shaded version above the geology layers and a solid version below the geology layers.


To access the Geology Downloads and Crown Grant rasters, turn on the appropriate theme at the top of the legend and double click on the map area of interest.  See FAQs for additional instructions.


The TRIM (Terrain Resource Information Management) layers, which are visible at a zoomed scale of 1:100,000, include Transport Structures, Rail, Roads, Rivers, Lakes, Land Cover and Contours in two layers. The Contours west 1:20K (<100K) layer covers this part of the province.


Tables and Figures (also available in the PopUp Menu on the Map):

  1. List of Macrofossil Localities
  2. List of MINFILE Occurrences
  3. Geological Legend (PDF)



Nelson, J.L. (2001): Geology of North-Central Jennings River Map Area, 104O/14E,15, B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, Geological Survey Branch, Geological Fieldwork 2000, Paper 2001-1, pp. 51-66.


Nelson, J.L., Harms, T.A., Roots, C.F., Mihalynuk, M., Friedman, R., deKeijzer, M. (2001): Geology of North-Central Jennings River Map Area, 104O/14E,15, B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, Open File 2001-6, 1:50,000 scale.