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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

The MapPlace - Guichon Batholith Map 

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Details: Mapping performed by W.J. McMillan, J.D. Blanch-Flower, P. McAndless, D. Coombes, P. Garvin; 1969-1974.  Linework was digitally captured by Cominco Ltd.  Downloads are available for the geology linework in shape format and a lithology table in Excel format.




See also:

  • Bulletin 62 - Gravity, Magnetics and Geology of the Guichon Creek Batholith
  • Bulletin 56 - Geology and Geochronology of the Guichon Creek Batholith
  • Preliminary Map 30 - Geology of the Guichon Creek Batholith and Highland Valley Porphyry Copper District


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