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The MapPlace - Cranbrook Geophysics and Geology Map

(NTS 82K/02; 82K/03; 82K/04; 82K/05; 82K/06; 82K/07; 82K/10; 82K/11; 82K/12; 82K/13; 82K/14; 82K/15SW; 82N/03SW; 82N/04; 82N/05; 82N/12SW)

(GSC OF 2784)

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Details: The Cranbrook map features an airborne aeromagnetic survey, conducted in 1993 and 1994.  The files are also available for download in georeferenced PNG format.

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Cranbrook Geophysics Map


Survey Background

Open File GSC 2784

1995 Aeromagnetic Total Field Map, British Columbia
(Parts of NTS 82N/NW)


The aeromagnetic survey was carried out by Geonex Aerodat Inc. using a Cessna 310 aircraft. A 0.005 nT sensitivity split-beam cesium vapour magnetometer was mounted in the tail boom of the survey aircraft.


The survey operations were carried out from June 3 to 26, 1993, October 8, 1993 to March 5, 1994 and July 7 to 12, 1994. The survey was flown at a mean terrain clearance of 305 metres. Average traverse line spacing was 800 metres and the control lines were flown at a 5000 metre spacing. Flight path was recovered using a differential Global Positioning System and a Doppler Navigation System coupled with a vertically mounted video camera.


After editing the survey data, the intersections of traverse and control lines were established and the differences in the magnetic values were computer analyzed and manually checked to obtain the level network. The levelled total field values were interpolated to a 200 metre grid. The International Geomagnetic Reference Field has not been removed. The data were processed and plotted by Geonex Aerodat Inc.


Copies of this map may be obtained from the Geological Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E8 and 3303-33rd Street N.W.. Calgary, Alberta, T2L 2A7.  It is also available online from the Geoscience Data Repository.  The geophysical data used to compile this map are available in digital form from the Geophysical Data Centre, Geological Survey of Canada, 1 Observatory Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A 0Y3.


Analogue and digital products include data for magnetic parameters in two projections:


GSC Open Files 2784 GEOSCAN Metadata
  GSC 2784
Map (NTS) 1:100,000 UTM Zone 11 Zip Files  Albers Zip Files
082N/NW Georeferenced .png file. (10.1MB) (9.83 MB)
082N/SW Georeferenced .png file, (11.4 MB) (10.6 MB)
082K/NW Georeferenced .png file, (15.0 MB) (14.8 MB)
082K/NE Georeferenced .png file, (11.1 MB) (10.8 MB)
082K/SWGeoreferenced .png file, (15.5 MB) (15.3 MB)
082K/SE Georeferenced .png file, (12.1 MB) (11.9 MB)