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The MapPlace - Atlin-Taku Mineral Potential Map - GeoFile 2009-5

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DetailsThe BC Geological Survey conducted a Level 2 Mineral Resource Assessment of the Atlin-Taku Land Planning area which encompasses approximately 4 million hectares in northwest B.C. The primary purpose of this assessment was to provide more detailed and up-to-date information on metallic and industrial mineral resource potential in the Atlin-Taku landuse planning area. 


The new Atlin-Taku mineral resource assessment reflects the knowledge and understanding of a panel of experts who know the geology and mineral resources of the area through many years of on-the-ground exploration and mapping expertise. However, as more exploration and geologic mapping is done in this relatively remote part of British Columbia, the perceived potential of the different geologic tracts might also be expected to change. Therefore, users are cautioned to consider the current mineral potential map of the Atlin-Taku area to be a snapshot in time only.


This interactive map displays metallic and industrial mineral potential, inventory values, and geology of the Atlin-Taku land-use area.  It is one component of GeoFile 2009-5, Atlin-Taku Mineral Resource Assessment by D.G. MacIntyre and W.E. Kilby.


View Atlin-Taku Mineral Potential Area Map