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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Update History

Date Comment Link
2006/11/30 added Bathymetry to Coastal Transportation Map to PDF Format page PDF Maps
2006/11/02 redesigned the Tanker Exclusion Zone layer & added a Shaded Relief Bathymetry layer CCG, USGS
2006/06/17 added link to COINPacific Web Mapping Application Map Gallery
2005/12/16 redesigned the Offshore Map Gallery Legend Map Gallery
2005/09/12 added Layer Finder to Offshore Map Map Gallery
2005/07/26 added Offshore Map Metadata report Metadata
2005/04/21 updated Printable Maps in PDF Format page PDF Maps
2005/03/15 added UNBC/LGL Report Layers UNBC
2005/01/26 added Georgia Basin Sponge reefs to "Location of sponge reefs" layer NRCan
2005/01/05 added Bowie Proposed Marine Protected Area layer DFO
2004/12/07 added Petroleum Generation Potential layer EnergyBC
2004/12/06 added link to BC Coastal Resource Information System Map Gallery
2004/07/05 added Pacific Estuaries layer PECP
2004/02/17 added Hydrometric & Water Quality Stations NRCan
2003/12/11 replaced Sponge Reef Buffers with Sponge Reef Protection Area DFO
2003/12/08 added Seeps (Oil & Gas) layer CSPG
2003/12/05 updated Queen Charlotte Basin; Tertiary Age Outline layer CSPG
2003/12/02 added Sediment Thickness layer NRCan
2003/10/28 added 107 bird and mammal layers CRIMS
2003/11/27 added Shoreline Units layers MSRM
2003/11/21 added Proposed and Protected Areas MSRM
2003/10/21 added Offshore Map Gallery Brochure PDF 5 MB
2003/10/23 added 57 shellfish layers from Coastal Resource Information Management System CRIMS
2003/09/22 added climate station layers with links to Environment Canada climate station database EC
2003/09/15 added data download page to Map Gallery Downloads
2003/09/12 added Seismic Survey lines with links to profiles
2003/09/04 added Cruise ship routes layer. Route information from AlaskaCruise
2003/09/01 added Tectonic plate boundary layer. Data from NRCAN-PGC NRCan
2003/08/08 added Tanker exclusion zone layer
2003/08/07 added BC PNG grid and tenure for offshore to Offshore layer group MEM/PTB
2003/07/22 added detailed 10m. bathymetry layer to Offshore layer group CMN
2003/05/20 created MapGuide site for Offshore Map Gallery Map Gallery