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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

 The MapPlace - Metadata for BC 2005 Geology Layers


MapPlace Home

Details: The Bedrock metadata files contain metadata for the following layers: Basins; Terranes; Volcanic, Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Intrusive rocks by era; Bedrock Geology- by lithology (hatched), by age and rock class (shade), by age and rock class (solid), and Map Unit Labels.  Contacts & Faults, Quaternary geology, and Ocean for geology layers have their own metadata files.  Many of these layers are downloadable as ARC Shapefiles and all are viewable through the maps of MapPlace.


These layers are represented in BC Albers (suffix _alb) and Geographic (decimal degrees) projections (suffix _dd); see Map Projection Standards for more information.  All projections use NAD83 as the datum.  The BC Albers projections have metadata available in FGDC standards and ISO standards through Data BC while the Geographic projections have metadata available in FGDC standards only.

Geology Data Home Page Metadata Link
Bedrock Bedrock Geology Home Page Metadata for bedrock_bc_alb
Metadata for bedrock_bc_dd
Contacts & Faults   Metadata for faults_e00
Metadata for faults_bc_dd
Terranes Terrane Codes Metadata for terranes included in bedrock metadata
Quaternary   Metadata for quaternary_bc_alb
Metadata for quaternary_bc_dd
Ocean for geology   Metadata for ocean_geol_bc_alb
Metadata for ocean_geol_bc_dd

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