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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
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MINFILE contains geological, location and economic information on over 14,600 metallic, industrial mineral and coal mines, deposits and occurrences in B.C.


The files, Mineral (Mineral Occurrence), Reserve (Inventory) and Production (Total Production), can be used for general Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and for custom reports with database management software such as Excel.  The three related files are contained in the download file (7.0MB).  Detailed descriptions of all the fields in a MINFILE occurrence can be found in the Online Coding Manual or the Metadata file (PDF, 208 KB).
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Number of data records:  14646
Date of last update: December 14
, 2017
MINFILE_Mineral_Dec2017.xlsx (ZIP, 4.3 MB)


Number of data records:  10537
Date of last update: December 14, 2017

MINFILE_Reserve_Dec2017.xlsx (ZIP, 2.4 MB)


Number of data records:  1692
Date of last update: December 14, 2017

MINFILE_Product_Dec2017.xlsx (ZIP, 362 KB)