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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Regional Geochemistry (RGS), Focused Geochemistry, and Rock Geochemistry (GeoFile 2005-14)

Details: The following is the metadata for geochemistry databases.  These include the GSB_CHEM database, contained in 2004 download file (18MB zipped/136MB unzipped) and in Geofile 2005-14: BC Rock Geochemical Database.  The data can be viewed through the maps of MapPlace in the RGS and Rock Geochemistry layer groups.  The data can be downloaded by survey area and the whole province at the RGS Summary and Download table or in Shape format at the Geospatial Download page.


Date of last update for Rock Geochemistry: May 5, 2005.
Date of last update for RGS: January 26, 2015.


Metadata for RGS 2015 Regional Geochemical Database:

Metadata for RGS Surveys Index map:

Metadata (ISO Standard, Data BC):