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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Active BC Climate Stations Active BC Hydrometric Stations Active BC & Yukon Water Quality Stations


Federal Government links include Climate StationsHydrometric Stations, and Water Quality.

Environment Canada, Pacific & Yukon Region
Application & Services
#201 – 401 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC



TITLE, BC Active Climate Stations, June 2003
DESCRIPTION, BC Active Climate Stations, June 2003
SOURCE, A&S, Climate Services, EC
ACCURACY, Locational accuracy only the the closest Minute (only degrees, minutes)
WARNING, Locations are only accurate to closest minute; Data still undergoing revisions
HISTORY, Generated from dd excel file, reprojected from geographic-nad27 to BC Albers
FUTURE, Constantly being updated by A&S, Climate Services
Environment Canada

TITLE, Verified BC Active Hydrometric Stations, October 2002
DESCRIPTION, All Active BC Hydrometric Stations, October 2002, with verified locations
SOURCE, Station location marked on photocopied 1:50k basemap, heads-up digitized in
ACCURACY, 1:50k, based on BC Watershed Atlas
WARNING, Dataset has ongoing updates
WARNING, Contains only BC Active Stations as of October 2002, based on GDP Database
WARNING, Additional active stations may exist with unverified locations
ATTRIBUTES, ClimHydroLink formerly provided a HTML link to station level metadata
HISTORY, List of all BC Active Hydrometric Stations, July 2000, taken from GDP Database
FUTURE, On-going verification and update
Environment Canada

TITLE, Active Water Quality Stations - PYR
DESCRIPTION, Active Water Quality Stations in PYR, as of February, 2003
SOURCE, Envirodat Database, Applications & Services, Environment Canada
ACCURACY, Varies. For most stations locational accuracy to the nearest second
WARNING, DRAFT, Dataset has not been verified
HISTORY, Obtained station list with lat/longs from Envirodat
HISTORY, Converted lat/longs to decimal degrees.
HISTORY, Georeferenced points using ArcView
HISTORY, Reprojected to BC Albers (assumed lat/longs were in NAD 83)
HISTORY, Converted to coverage, Indexed
PRODUCTION_DATE, December 2003
FUTURE, On-going verification and update
Environment Canada