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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geospatial Data Downloads

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The table below lists the files available for downloading. File formats are zipped ARC Shapefiles in NAD 83 and either BC Albers or Geographic (decimal degrees) projection. Some files are in e00 (decimal degrees) and dBASE format.  These files can be used with most GIS systems or the free ArcExplorer.  See Notes & Links


To order and purchase Base Data, such as TRIM and Imagery products see Base Map Online Store.  Thematic data can be discovered, viewed and downloaded from BC Geographic Data Warehouse. Crown land data can be obtained from the Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR) - register of legal interests in Crown and private land and resources.


See also Mapping/GIS Information to assist clients with the means of how to view data, acquire data, and produce simple maps of interest.

Date Data
(with Home Page links & more downloads)

ARC Shapefiles
BC Albers
(size zip/shp MB)

ARC e00 & Shapefiles
(size zip/size unzip MB)


BC Digital Geology

... Geology Metadata
Jan. 2005
May 2004
Dec. 2001
Bedrock Geology
... GIS Data Files
... BC Geology Maps
Geology Metadata
Digital Geology downloads 2005...

Geology Compilation 1991-96:
(32/150) (4/39)

Digital Geology downloads 2005...

Geology Compilation 1991-96: (26/150) (19/113) (3/38) (3/16)


Tectonic Assemblage
Geology Tectonic Belts & Terrane Codes

... Terrane Metadata

Physiographic Regions (14/18) 
(0.3/0.3) (16/18)
2004, 2011 Terrane Downloads BC_terranes.kmz (21/7) GeoFile 2011-11

July 3, 2018


BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue in shape and MS Access format (Shapefile) October 9, 2014 (MS Access) July 3, 2018 
June 2003 Mineral Resource Assessment Level 2 (MRA2)
(does not include Industrial Mineral Potential)
... Metadata in preparation

Download files removed June 16, 2004 pending review of data.

1998 Mineral Resource Assessment Level 1 (MRA1)
(Metallic and Industrial Mineral Potential)
... Metadata for minpot_bc_alb
... Metadata for minpot_bc_dd (6/9) (5/9) (3/12)
August 2017 Mineral Occurrences - MINFILE
... MINFILE/pc
... Metadata for MINFILE (3/25) (3/25) (7/7)
October 9, 2018 Assessment Report Index - ARIS
... Metadata for ARIS.DBF (2/28) (October 9, 2018) (16/76) (October 5, 2018)

MTO Mineral Titles

Mineral Titles Online (MTO) (mineral, placer, and coal)
Mineral Titles Branch and contacts
   Tenure Search

Mineral Titles data are available at the BC Data Catalogue


For instructions visit:  


For MTO Mineral Title inquires please contact

Toll Free: 1-866-616-4999

Apr 2016

Regional Geochemistry
... RGS Summary & Downloads (2015)
... Survey Index Map
... Geochemistry and RGS Metadata
Oct. 2004 BC Age Data 2004A-1 (Release 3, October 2004)

MS Access download from Open File 2004-3, includes ReadMe Document

Feb. 2004 MineMatch Anomaly Clusters  (MetadataGeoreference Online

  Magnetic and Gravity data

Geoscience Data Repository for Geophysical Data

2002, 2003 Climate, Hydrometric, Water Quality Stations (metadata)

Environment Canada Climate Weather

  Landsat Mosaics

NASA Landsat:


Coal Report Index - COALFILE, Coal Fields
... more downloads
... Metadata for COALFILE (September 11, 2018) (Sept.11, 2018)
 (2008) (Sept.11, 2018)
1996 - 2002 Aggregate Potential Data
... Aggregate Metadata

see Aggregate Download Page

2002 Geothermal: Hot springs, Boreholes, Rotary boreholes, Potential areas

March 2007 Mining Divisions
Mining Regions
Nov. 2001 BC Parks (14/18) (13/18)
Feb. 8, 2006 Base Map Data: TRIM mapsheets, Enhanced Basemap mapsheets, and Aerotriangulation Data; MASCOT Geodetic Control Monuments; BCACS GPS Corrections; Gridded and Hillshaded DEM
Imagery: Hard Copy and Scanned Air Photos; TRIM Orthophotos and Orthophoto Mosaics; Satellite Orthos; Canned Stereo Models
Base Map Online Store (BMOS) - an online service to order and purchase Land and Resource products.  BMOS, launched February 8, 2006.
  Rivers, lakes, roads, coast, cities (1:2M scale)
... see GeoGratis, NRCan
... Atlas of Canada base data (2/4) (3/4) (2/4) (2/4)
  Borders, 1:20K BCGS grid, 1:50k grid, 1:250K NTS grid
2006 Wildlife Layers: Wildlife Habitat Area, Ungulate Winter Range and Guide Outfitter Areas.

Links to Metadata at Data BC Catalogue:
WHA Metadata, UWR Metadata and GOA Metadata.

1998 Watersheds
... Metadata

see Watershed Atlas Coverages

1996 ongoing Aquifers
... Metadata

see Aquifers in British Columbia
and BC Water Resources Atlas (WRBC)

Notes & LinksMetadata is in compilation. Figures in brackets are file sizes in megabytes (MB) of the zipped and unzipped SHP files, respectively; file sizes less than 1 MB are not shown.