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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

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bullet Significant Links
bullet Data Sources and Information
bullet Other Data Sources
    Federal and Provincial Government sites
    BC Government sites
    Commercial and University sites
bullet Other Internet Sites with Maps
bullet Complete Table of Maps
bullet Mineral Tenure Notice

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Significant Links:
bullet With EXPLORATION ASSISTANT, you can search by:
bullet Mineral Potential TRACTS
bullet MINFILE (commodities, names, and deposit types)
bullet GEOLOGY (age, lithology, and terrains)
bullet CLAIMS (name, owner ID, anniversary date and acquired date)
bullet REGIONAL GEOCHEMISTRY (38 elements)
bullet PUBLICATIONS (author, title, keyword, abstract, year, scale, series and map extent).
bullet Complete Table of Maps
bullet Mineral Titles with MTO Mapping/GIS Information
bullet Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

GeoBC - BC's Geographic Gateway - a window into provincial natural resource data sources provided by various ministries and agencies.



British Columbia Base Map with

BC Geographic Data Warehouse: with services to Discover, Download and View BC Geographic Warehouse data


bullet Data BC - Geographic Data Discovery Service

Crown Land Program Areas 

bullet Base Map Online Store for TRIM data and imagery
bullet Link to Internet Mapping Framework (IMF), includes:
bullet Online Cadastre 
bullet Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR) - register of legal interests in Crown and private land and resources.
Links to Data Sources and Information:
bullet Exploring the MapPlace - Workshop Notes
bullet The MapPlace - An Internet-based Mineral Exploration Tool, Fieldwork 2001 (PDF 2MB)
bullet MapPlace article from Innovation, June 2001, Volume 5, Number 5 (PDF 1MB)
bullet Digital Geological Maps and Mineral Assessment information for download. Readme file
bullet MapPlace maps interact and link with the MINERAL TITLES, MINFILE, MINERAL POTENTIAL, and ARIS databases; downloads are available
bullet Tenure Statistics - reports available from January 1, 1990 to the present 
bullet Mineral Statistics - metals, coal and industrial minerals
bullet Oil & Gas Commission - reserves and production data downloads
bullet Specifications and Guidelines for Bedrock Mapping in BC
bullet Two Federal geology coverages are obtained from Natural Resources Canada - Ottawa:
bullet  Geoscience Data Repository for Geophysical Data - source for magnetic and gravity data
bullet Environment Canada Climate Stations - search by province or select "All" for all of Canada.  Then narrow down range of dates.  For a list of all the active weather stations select the most recent year.
bullet The MapPlace contains an index of Terrain & Soil Maps.
bullet Colour Palette on the MapPlace. Suggest an alternative colour based on the numbered tile.
bullet Online Cadastre
bullet CGI, The Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information
bullet InfoMine: Satellite Images of Mines and Properties
bullet International Year of the Planet Earth (IYPE)
Federal and Provincial Government sites:

Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN) is the education arm of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences


Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) provides reliable, current, and spatially accurate information about local fish and wildlife habitats: Community Mapping Network (CMN)

bullet Earth Sciences Tools and Applications: 
bullet National Atlas of Canada:

NRCan Topographic Maps at 1:250 000 and 1:50 000 for all of Canada

FTP Site for NRCan Topographic Maps 

bullet Canada Map Office:
bullet Earthquakes Canada
bullet NRCan Web portal for Canadian Science and Technology
bullet LandSat data by Space Imaging, LLC, Denver, Colorado: 
bullet LandSat mosaics from NASA:
bullet World Wind from NASA: zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth.
bullet GeoConnections - access to Canadian Geospatial Data:
bullet BCGS CGKN Metadata Catalogue:
bullet GEOSCAN Database of NRCan Publications: 
bullet GeoGratis -  Search, Discover and Download Free Maps, Data and Publications from Natural Resources Canada.  A Natural Resources of Canada's site which distributes Canadian geospatial data
bullet Canadian Geoscience Publication Directory:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan):
Earth Sciences Sector:  

Spatial Reference Online Applications:

bullet GeoBC Civic Address Geocoder:  
bullet GeoBase Portal provides access to Canadian geospatial data, including: road network, landform/topography, place names, administrative boundaries, geodetic network and satellite imagery:
bullet The Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO): 
bullet Canadian Geochronology Knowledgebase:
bullet Geographical Names in Canada:
bullet Trade and Invest British Columbia:  
bullet Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada:
bullet NRCan’s Surveyor General Branch maintains Canada Lands Survey System Reference Plans.
bullet GSC Offices
bullet Oceans and Coastal Monitoring
bullet Coast Habitat Atlas for BC:
bullet SAFORAH for forestry data and images
bullet Yukon Geological Survey Map Gallery:
bullet Yukon Spatial Data Clearinghouse
bullet Alberta Geological Survey:
bullet Saskatchewan Infomaps:
bullet Geology Ontario Geoscience Data Portal:
Ontario MNDM CLAIMaps:
bullet Newfoundland and Labrador Geoscience Resources Atlas:
bullet Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO):
Mineral Showings Database for the Northwest Territories: NORMIN.DB
bullet Canada Nunavut Geoscience Office (C-NGO):
bullet United States Geological Survey USGS sites:
  National Geochemical Survey Database:

  USGS: Schoolyard Geology:
  GEO-DATA Explorer for USGS geospatial data:
  USGS EarthExplorer to order satellite images, aerial photographs & cartographic products
  USGS Earthquake Maps:

  USGS The National Map:
bullet USGS Geospatial Databases:
bullet Global Geographic Information Systems:
bullet US Department of Agriculture Geospatial Data Gateway:
bullet Front Counter BC
BC Government sites:
bullet GeoBC
bullet Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations providing services including Data BC Discovery Service.
bullet Base Map Online Store (BMOS) February 2006
bullet Integrated Land and Resource Registry:
bullet Coastal Resource Information Management System
bullet BC Geographic Data Warehouse: 
bullet BC Water Resources Atlas (WRBC)
Aquifers in British Columbia:
bullet Fisheries Inventory Data Queries:
bullet Land Use Planning and Objectives
bullet Land and Coastal Marine Plans
bullet Fraser Basin Council:
bullet Biogeoclimatic Zones of BC:
bullet BC Geographical Names:
bullet Offshore Map Data

bc Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA):


Commercial and University sites:
bullet dmtiSpatial is a source for roads, water and parks:
bullet McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.:
Orthophotos, Landsat, GeoEye:
bullet PhotoSat (previously RGI Resource GIS and Imaging):
bullet PCI Geomatics for DEM and remote sensing:
bullet GIS Magazine:
bullet GeoCommunity, includes SpatialNews & GIS Viewing Tools You Shouldn't Be Without!
bullet InfoMine is a source for mining and exploration information:; map.InfoMine - view a world map displaying locations of mineral properties, with links to property reports:
bullet GeoReference Online Ltd - knowledge-based software for the mineral resources industry,  including MineMatchTM - a system for describing and comparing ore deposit models, mines, and exploration

bullet Estimation of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Best Practice Guidelines CIM
bullet FGDC Data Clearinghouse
bullet Citimarine Store - marine charts of Vancouver Island and Canada coast
bullet Digital Chart of the World Server: Penn State University Maps
bullet The University of Arkansas Library links to US Geospatial and Attribute
bullet GeoDataSource World Cities Database provides geographical database gazetteers of world features, cities and ZIP Codes with place names, coordinates, latitude, longitude, and distance calculation:
bullet Guide to GIS on the Internet:
bullet GIS Internet Resources: US Topographical Engineering Center
bullet Links to GIS and Remote Sensing Sites, LGL Limited: GIS
bullet GIS for Everyone (Basic GIS):
bullet Web-Based Tutorials in GIS:
bullet GIS Lounge:
bullet A Practical Guide to GPS - UTM.
bullet GeoCommunity:  Data Catalogue
bullet Map & GIS Viewers:
bullet Latitude/Longitude - UTM Converters: (Excel Spreadsheet)
bullet WinTopo Raster to Vector Conversion Tool
bullet Digital Earth at Cornell University:
bullet Colorado Earthquake and Late Cenozoic Fault and Fold Database:
bullet Geoscientific Mineral Resources (South Africa): and
Links to Other Internet Sites with Maps:
bullet British Columbia Road Maps
bullet SoftMap digital topographic maps available from MapConnection; Trotac Marine or West Marine
bullet MapQuest provides access to street maps and atlases:
bullet MapBlast provides location maps:
bullet MSN MapPoint provides street maps of the world:
bullet Yahoo!Maps provides destination maps of NA and Europe:
bullet OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software works with GPS receivers for the upload/download of waypoints, routes and tracks.
bullet offers publishing interactive maps and databases on the Internet.
bullet National Geographic Maps:
bullet Global Paleogeographic Views of Earth History
bullet Search Google Maps, includes Satellite Imagery:
A Google Map tool to calculate distances for road trips: Long URLs can be saved with
bullet Google Earth: imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop.
bullet Earth Explorer: interactive 3D digital world maps.
bullet 1:20K BC Topographic Maps: (Vegetation & Ecosystems)
bullet 1:50K - 1:250K Canadian Topographic maps:
bullet Aero Geometrics Ltd. for TRIM Orthophotos in a format for nGRAIN, a 3D visualization viewer.
bullet Digital Maps and Mapping Software:
bullet Topographic Maps from Map Town:

Some US map vendors:

bullet Geography Network Canada:
bullet Canadian Geographic Atlas:
bullet Census Geography place names and maps from StatsCan:
bullet Open Geospatial Network portal to all open OGC-compliant Web services:
bullet Geocortex Internet Mapping Map Gallery:
bullet CRD Regional Community Atlas:
bullet Georgia Strait Communities Atlas:
bullet Saanich Online Mapping System: 
bullet City of Vancouver:
bullet North Vancouver GeoWeb:
bullet West Vancouver WestMap:
bullet City of Port Coquitlam PoCoMAP: 
bullet City of Delta: 
bullet City of Langley Map GEO: 
bullet Nanaimo's City Map: Habitat Atlas
bullet City of Kelowna:
bullet City of Vernon:
bullet City of Kamloops:
bullet Atlas of Ottawa: 
bullet Prince Edward Island maps

Deg. Min. Sec. & Decimal Degrees Latitude/Longitude conversions and link to NAD 27/83 conversions: 

For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia please contact BC Geological Survey or Regional Geology Staff or use the toll free number (B.C. residents only).  Comment & Support on MapPlace.