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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Welcome to First Time on MapPlace


To view our great maps or create your own map using interactive data sets please download the plugin below for your workstation browser:


Quick Download & Install Instructions  
Download Autodesk MapGuide ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer (ZIP, 2.9 MB) or click on the icon at right to go to Autodesk Downloads.


Where to Get Started

MapPlace facilitates easy access to selected maps and databases by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines.  There are many maps and tools available from this site.  These are only a select few to get you familiar with MapPlace products and services.  Please click on the other links in the left-hand border for further information once you are more familiar with the basics. 


Basic Tools - for toolbar and popup menu commands.

Main Maps - to assist in your mineral exploration projects.

Thematic Maps - to view Oil & Gas, Offshore Data, Coal, Publication Index, Aggregate Potential, Terrain & Soils, Geophysical and Mining Economy maps.

Exploring the MapPlace - workshop notes.

The MapPlace FAQs

Online Help and Documents


Basic operations on the maps include: using the tool bar to zoom, select objects, and report; or right-click the map for more tools, such as page setup, printing and map details. Many of the objects on the map are linked to additional data, either by double-click links or select the objects and use the report button. The Question Mark in the toolbar provides an extensive help document.  You can also create reports and download data from selected themes and objects.


If you have any questions or other difficulties please contact via email to: or call him at (250) 952-0433 or our general enquiry line at (250) 952-0429.