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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
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MapPlace Home

This page has links to the basic Tools on MapPlace, a few articles, and a set of workshops notes on Exploring the MapPlace.  The FAQs page is a good place for quick solutions.  Basic operations on the map include: using the tool bar to zoom, select objects, and report; or right-click the map for more tools, such as page setup, printing and map details. Many of the objects on the map are linked to additional data, either by double-click links or select the objects and use the report button. The Question Mark in the toolbar provides an extensive help document.


Quick Download & Install Instructions  
Download Autodesk MapGuide ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer or click on the icon at right to go to Autodesk Downloads.

  Download Autodesk MapGuide plugin for Netscape and Firefox 

Note: Autodesk is no longer supporting MapGuide 6.5 and its viewers.  The viewer works with Win2000, Win XP, Vista and Win7, including the 32 & 64 bit versions of Win7 operating systems.  The viewer file is only for the Internet Explorer browser, versions IE6 – 8 except for IE8-64bit.  MapPlace does not work with IE8-64 bit browser. You must use the 32 bit version.  To locate the 32 bit version, see FAQ #1.


If you have any questions or other difficulties please contact Kirk Hancock

The Toolbar & Popup Menu

MapGuide Commands


Toolbar Button


Popup Menu


Steps to Create, Save and Print Maps

Overview of MapPlace
bullet MapGuide Viewer Features & Functionality
bullet Organization of Data into Layers
bullet Available Versions of the Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
Go to MapPlace Pamphlet
Summary of Data Available - Table of Data layers
Metadata for Maps & Data Themes

Exploring the MapPlace - Workshop Notes in PDF format

  Roundup Vancouver Short Course Notes January 2010
  Geoscience BC Vancouver January 2007

  Minerals South Nelson Presentation October 2006
  Minerals North Mackenzie Workshop Notes April 2006
  KEG Kamloops Workshop Notes April 2006
  Nanaimo Workshop Notes February 2005
  Victoria Workshop Notes June 2002
  Nelson Manual June 2002

MapPlace Articles and Presentations:
bullet MapPlace Abstract
bullet Mineral Exploration Roundup 2006:
bullet Slide show presentation: Special Features of
bullet MapPlace Poster (PDF, 7 MB)
bullet MINFILE Poster (PDF, 2.5 MB)
bullet ARIS Poster (PDF, 5 MB)
bullet Combined Poster (PDF, 5.6 MB)
bullet URISA BC Chapter Seminar: Taking GIS to the Public (Richmond BC, June 6, 2005)
MapPlace Presentation: Geospatial Delivery with (PDF 11MB)
bullet "Autodesk MapGuide Drives Exploration and Blends GIS Data from Separate Systems" (PDF 1.3MB) Autodesk MapPlace Success Story: published at Autodesk Customer Stories (November 2004)
bullet AMEBC Mining Review Article Winter 2003:
bullet The MapPlace A jewel of a tool An Internet-based tool that connects you to almost everything map worthy in BC
bullet William's Gold A case study on the application of RGS data to mineral exploration. - by Mark Baknes
bullet Mineral Titles Online (MTO); Mineral Titles Website
bullet – MORE POWER!, Geological Society of America, Abstract and Poster, Rocky Mountain (56th Annual) and Cordilleran (100th Annual) Joint Meeting (May 3–5, 2004) Boise, Idaho
bullet Web-Based Solutions for Geoscience Data -, BCMEM, GeoFile 2004-4 poster
bullet MapPlace Client-Mapping Tools, BCMEM Geological Fieldwork 2003, Paper 2004-1, pp 217-218
bullet The MapPlace - An Internet-based Mineral Exploration Tool, BCMEM Geological Fieldwork 2001, Paper 2002-1, pp 409-420
bullet The MapPlace, Using Web-Based Mineral Exploration Data as an Environmental Tool, Innovation June 2001
Tour of MapPlace - A Power Point Presentation
FAQs - for your Frequently Asked Questions
Updates to the MapPlace - What's New
Help on viewing and creating PDF files
Links to Data & Maps
Comment & Support - Contact for Help and Suggestions