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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

23. How to import and register a map in AutoCAD.

  1. Open the BCGS Geology Map and turn on the Geology Download _TM Proj. layer at the top. Double click on the NTS map of interest.
  2. In the View or Download Compiled Geology report select Interactive View (Transverse Mercator Projection) of NTS Mapsheet ..... This links to a map in UTM projection.
  3. Use zoom tools and layer toggles to create a map. Turn on one of the Grid Layers (e.g. Grid 1:20K) to help in the registration.
  4. Open AutoCAD. Go back to the MapPlace and right click on the map and copy the image into the clipboard.
  5. Use Edit, Paste Special in AutoCAD and paste as AutoCAD Entities.
  6. Return to the MapPlace and record the UTM location of 3 corners of the grid. To display the UTM coordinates in the lower left of the MapPlace, right click on the map and select About, Preferences, Display mouse position with Units Mapping Coordinate System (x,y coordinates). Zoom into the corners of the grid for accuracy; use Zoom Previous button to zoom back.
  7. Use AutoCAD commands to register the maps to the grid corners, e.g. align, select objects all, enter, specify 1st source point _int of (shift right click and choose intersection), specify 1st destination point: x,y coordinates, specify 2nd and 3rd source and destination points similarly. This registers the map.
  8. In AutoCAD the map can be exploded to edit objects.  Layers in the MapPlace can also be systematically pasted into AutoCAD to place them on different layers.