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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

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MapPlace Home

Geology Map
BCGS Geoscience Map

More Details

The BCGS Geoscience Map has all the available provincial datasets including 1:20K TRIM, visible at 1:50K. The map also has DEM Hillshade, LandSat and Aeromag. Geology Maps and Crown Grant rasters are downloadable from this map. Geology layers and reports are displayed by age and rock type. BC Age 2004 (release 3, October 2004).

Exploration Assistant
Exploration Assistant

More Details

This map features 8 Analysis Tools: Location/Gazetteer Searches; Potential for Deposit Discoveries; MINFILE searches by commodity, deposit type or name; Geology by age, lithology and terrain; Mineral Titles by name, owner ID, and dates; a Geochemistry Element section displaying 38 elements; the Image Analysis Toolbox (IAT); and Search Publications.  This map includes Geochemistry Symbol Resizing and Layer Finder tools.

Mineral Titles Map
Mineral Titles Map

More Details

This Provincial Map contains geographic information and Mineral, Placer and Coal tenures; Crown Grant rasters are downloadable. Layers include 1:20K TRIM, DEM Hillshade, LandSat and Aeromag. Mineral Titles maps are available in PDF format.

The MapperWrapper


Provides the ability to create layers and add map objects, such as lines, polygons, symbols, text and custom grids, to existing MapPlace basemaps. This added information resides only on the client computer and is never transmitted over the Internet. A continuous Internet connection is required to obtain the basemap information such as topographic contours and imagery, as well as, being able to obtain reports from the MapPlace server.


More Details

The MapBuilder allows simple annotation of maps. Users can add symbols, polylines, polygons, text. The maps can be saved.  A help page is available: MapBuilder Help


The ARIS MapBuilder can help fulfill Assessment Report requirements. Enter property name and all associated Tenure ID Numbers (separated by commas) in the form and submit to produce location and claim maps of the property.

MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer
MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer


The MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer with Web Map Service is no longer available (June 2015).

Link to UTM Projected Maps
BC UTM Zone Projections

More Details

These maps display BC, projected for each of the five UTM zones in the province. UTM zone projections are useful viewing smaller areas at medium to large scales, and for obtaining UTM coordinates. The UTM Zone maps also link to the other zone maps through the right-click-popup menu.


Click the map at the left to go directly to a UTM Projected Map.

BC Base Map and Imagery Data
BC Base Map and Imagery Data


Base Map Online Store (BMOS) - an online service to order and purchase Land and Resource products from GeoBC.


BMOS currently offers:

Base Map Data and imagery:
Air Photos, Orthophotos, Aerial triangulation scans, Satellite photos, TRIM Positional Maps and various raster and vector maps.

Links to Other Internet Sites with Maps


Links to other data sources, maps and information


For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia please contact GSB Mailbox or use the toll free number (B.C. residents only).

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