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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
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Details: Legacy MiDA Mineral, Placer and Coal tenures (before January 12, 2005) and Mineral and Placer Mineral Titles Online (MTO) tenures (after January 12, 2005) are displayed on this map. Crown granted two post claims are available in raster format for downloading or viewing. To access these maps turn on the Crown Grant Download theme and double click on the map area of interest. The page that appears in the lower frame will give you the option to download one of the two possible half sheets for use in some graphics program OR to view the maps interactively and integrated with other MapPlace information.


When you select the interactive viewing a new window will appear with the Crown Grant raster data displayed and other information can then be added. This map is in UTM83 projection so caution must be exercised as one nears the UTM zone boundary.  A Mineral Titles Archive group is available with March 2000 and May 2001 data.  The Mineral Titles Online grid is available below 1:60K scale, with labels at 1:20K scale.

NOTE: MTO Titles information provided to MapPlace is now current to the previous day.


Please see Mineral Titles Branch 

View Mineral Titles Map

Mineral Titles Map



bullet May 14, 2007: Mineral Titles Archive layers created for January 2001 to 2007.
bullet February 19, 2007: Coal Tenures are now available from the Land Resource Data Warehouse and are displayed with the MTO layers. Legacy Mineral, Placer and Coal tenures (before January 12, 2005) have been removed from the other maps but are still available on the Mineral Titles Map.
bullet November 22, 2007: How to Subset MTO data: An excel table can be created with tenure number and claim name from polygon selections of the MTO layer and saved to your computer. Use the MTO downloadable file (updated monthly) from the Geospatial Downloads.  The MTO shape component can be filtered from the province wide MTO file by linking the excel table to the downloadable MTO shape file. If staking had occurred within the month, these claims could be 'flagged' and viewed on the MapPlace and added to their GIS file.
bullet October 31, 2006: Advisory to all MTO clients on Internet Explorer 7. Please note that the map viewers that MTO and several other government services use are not currently compatible with this recently released Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Problems with the map will therefore occur if you use Internet Explorer 7 with MTO. Thus, if you double click on a tenure in MapPlace to link to the MTO Viewer report, then click View Tenure to link to the MTO Map Viewer, you will get an Unsupported Browser message if using IE7.
bullet October 12, 2006, added Survey Layers (Tantalis) group with Crown Grants, Survey Parcels, Survey Parcel Right of Ways, Surveyed Transport, Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICI), No Staking Reserve and Placer Reserves Sites.  Survey Parcels are available at 1:100K scale and ICI at 1:20K scale. The layers are linked to reports with Legal Descriptions and PIN Number.  See Metadata on Survey Parcels, see Tantalis Gator System for more information. Reserve sites are linked to Reserves by Year.
bullet July 7, 2006: Added New Mineral Titles tools to Exploration Assistant, to show tenures by Name, Owner ID, Anniversary Date, and Acquired Date.
bullet May 15, 2006: Added Coal License spatial file to Geospatial Download page. The file is in Shape format in the Mineral Tenure row of the table, and is time-stamped (May 11, 2006).
bullet April 3, 2006: added Environmental Assessment Office Layer group with EAO Projects separated into Mining, Energy and Other themes. The layers and projects are linked to reports.
bullet March 23, 2006: added Wildlife Layers group with Wildlife Habitat Area, Ungulate Winter Range and Guide Outfitter Areas layers and reports to Main Maps.  Reports have links to LIBC Metadata at Data BC Discovery Service: WHA Metadata, UWR Metadata and GOA Metadata.  Layers are visible below 1:1 Million scale.
bullet November 8, 2005: added Crown Grants (Survey Parcel as Mineral Claim) layer, visible below 1:100K scale, to Crown Grant Raster maps. These maps are connected by the Crown Grant Raster Index in the File Download Layers group. A report is connected to the Crown Grants and includes PIN Number, Type, Legal Description and Status. The Crown Grant Rasters were last updated December 2000.
bullet June 13, 2005, added new MTO Report, linked to Mineral Titles Online (MTO) layers.
bullet May 5, 2005: added Rock Geochemistry layers to the BCGS Geology, Exploration Assistant and Mineral Titles Maps.  These layers represent the data in GeoFile 2005-14.  Two reports are available with these layers: Rock Excel Dump and Rock Sample Report that can be sorted by column by clicking the linked column headings.
bullet February 10, 2005: added Mineral Titles Online (MTO) tenure layers. Double-click the tenure to link to a report. Updates will be current to previous day.
bullet Effective January 12, 2005 all current mineral and placer titles online data must be obtained from the Mineral Titles Online website:  The Mineral Titles Search and Statistics website will continue to provide non-current mineral and placer title data that was recorded on or before January 11, 2005. Mineral and placer tenure information, statistics, maps, indices, and all searches from this site are out-of-date and will not be updated beyond January 11, 2005. Current Coal title data will continue to be available from this website.
bullet December 8, 2004: Added Gold Commissioner Offices layers with links to Government Agent pages.
bullet November 29, 2004:  View Mineral Tenure Online electronic maps using the MTO Browser at  MTO utilizes the ESRI Internet Mapping Framework (IMF).  The new MTO Browser will not become the production map until MTO goes live on January 12, 2005.  For more information see Map Selection Updates.
bullet September 28, 2004:  The Mineral Tenure Online Grid available below 1:60K scale, with labels at 1:20K scale.


Double clicking on a tenure will link you to Mineral Titles Branch's complete database. You can move the divider between the two windows to increase the visible area of either window. NOTE Generally mineral tenure graphics are available within 2 months of filing date. The information in Mineral Titles Registry System (MIDA) on the WEB will be current and the official maps residing with the Gold Commissioner will also be current.


The Mineral Titles Website has enhanced functionality with the consolidation of all available search fields onto one page thus allowing searches that combine multiple fields.  For example, it is now possible to search for all titles in the Kamloops mining division that are owned by Cominco.  The most significant new feature is the addition of all mineral title maps in Adobe Acrobat PDF format


Grid layers link to Mineral Titles PDF maps.  A 1:250K grid layer links to Mineral Title PDF Map Selection reports enabling access to 1:20K or 1:50K scale PDF maps, depending on coverage.  A 1:20K grid layer, which is visible below 1:2M scale, links directly to the 1:20K PDF maps. To use, select either grid layer, located in the File Download Layers group, and double click on the desired grid.  Adobe Reader must be installed for this feature.


A Mineral Titles Claim Name layer, visible at 1:50K scale, is also available in the Mineral Titles Layers group.


A Mineral Titles Archive group displays BC Claims by Owner, as of April 2004, visible at 500K scale; and Mineral Titles as of March 2000 (visible below 1:1M scale) and May 2001 (visible below 1:3M scale). No reports are attached to the data.


A Zoom Goto Mineral Tenure Number is available.  Right click on the map, select Zoom, Zoom Goto, Category: Mineral Tenure Number.  Enter the number in Location and click OK.  Turn on the Mineral Title Layer and the tenure will be displayed. Double clicking on the tenure will link to MIDA for a report on the tenure.  You can also adjust your view with the Zoom tools. Due to the large size of the Tenure datasource, the Zoom Goto may take up to a minute.


Significant links from Mineral Titles Branch and other links: