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The MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer

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Details:  The MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer with Web Map Service (WMS) requests is available at: This Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. (OGC) compliant application will access most of the geospatial data that offers, such as BC geology, mineral occurrences, assessment reports, mineral tenure, without the use of the MapGuide Viewer.  The URL address for the WMS service, which can be used in other WMS compliant viewers, is:

To obtain information about the MapPlace WMS and the layers of data available, users may use the GetCapabilities request in order to generate and download an XML document containing WMS and Layer specifications.  Detailed Layer information, including projections and scale dependencies can be viewed with the GetCapabilities URL request:  This Capabilities document can be opened with Internet Explorer or you can view this XML Version.  Some of the layers
are scale dependant, such as the geology layers which are set to display below 1:1.5M scale.  Layers are available as single layers and as groups of layers. The BC Geology Layer group includes several scale-dependant layers, such as terranes, rock types, labels, contacts and faults, mineral occurrences and assessment reports.  The Base Map Layer group includes the BC border, map grids, UTM grid, rivers and lakes.  The BC Administrative Layer group includes mineral titles, parks, mining regions, communities and cities.  Visible Layers will be displayed in the order listed.  Thus move the layer to the bottom of the list if not visible.  Use GetMap to refresh the layers.

View MapPlace Lite WMS Application







The MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer does not allow adding multiple servers and may not handle requests from
some map servers.

GeoBC Web Map Service includes service for Administrative Boundaries, Base Mapping and TRIM, Geology and Soils, Imagery, Tenure, and many other data.

We have had some success using our server with other viewers, such as Manifold and ArcExplorer Viewer.

However use of the Identity tool to get feature attributes in these viewers appears problematic. There may be
some differences between the different viewers which will make the info tools fail.

To produce a map or to request specific map layers from the MapPlace WMS, a user or developer will have to form
a parameterized URL.  The URL must contain VERSION, REQUEST, SRS, BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, LAYERS, STYLES and
FORMAT.   The details and specifics of how the URL parameters function are available on-line:  An example of a GetMap URL request:

More detailed specifications can be found in the MapGuide LiteView Developers Guide at

We would like to acknowledge Pacific Alliance Technologies for setting up our WMS Service and Colin Ferster,
our co-op student, for fine tuning the application, including layer configuration and button additions.

OGC & WMS Links

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OGC WMS Viewers:


bullet MapPlace LiteView demo viewer
bullet ArcExplorer Viewer; sample map with BCGS and CCRS WMS services: openArcExplorerWeb.
bullet Intergraph's GeoMedia® Viewer
bullet DFO Mapster V2.2AN> OGC data Viewer. Upload shapefiles <4.0 MB and add them to map. No opportunity to search or connect to servers. (Built with Moxi Media OpenIMF product)
bullet MapBender Home Free, open source tools for managing OGC data. Includes viewer data model and interface
bullet Ionic software Geoviewer (Built with RedSpider Studio product)
bullet Moxi Media World Map Portal (Built with OpenIMF product)

Local Machine:

bullet Gaia Viewer 
bullet MapServer (MS4W link provides compiled-packaged and ready to install windows applications to run MapServer such as MapServer, Chameleon, MapLab etc.)
bullet GeoServer is an Open Source server that connects your information to the Geospatial Web
bullet Directions for Manifold (version 6.00 requires installation of SP1)
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MapGuide Enterprise and Open Source:


Pacific Alliance:




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Nabble Public Forums:

View MapPlace Lite WMS Application