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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geology, Legend and Mineral Occurrence Locations of the Beaton-Camborne Mining Camp (082K12 & 13)


Figure 2 (Metallogeny of the Beaton-Camborne Mining Camp)


Some mineral occurrence labels on the map are linked to a brief description in the main text.
The Geological Legend is below the map. A black and white version is available.


Beaton Geology (38276 bytes).

Geological Legend - Beaton-Camborne Mining Camp (082K12 & 13)

Beaton Geology Legend (12178 bytes).

Geological map and legend compiled from:

Read, P.B. (1976): Lardeau map area (82K west half), British Columbia; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 76-1A, pages 95-96.

Read, P.B. and Brown, R.L. (1981): Columbia River fault zone - southeastern margin of the Shuswap and Monashee complexes, southern British Columbia; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 18, pages 1127-1145.

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