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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

114P & O


NTS 114O,P location map (click for index map).

Tatshenshini River
& Yakutah
NTS 114P & O



Researched and compiled by: J. Bradford, M. Smith, M. Deschenes and S.E. Dumais


Release date: December 1988


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114P Map
Geological Legend

Master & Production Reports
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The map areas contain 100 recorded mineral occurrences and is underlain by the Insular belt.


The Maid of Erin (114P 007) mine produced gold,silver and copper until 1956. The Windy Craggy (114P 002) copper-gold-cobalt-silver deposit contains a resources of 297,440,000 million tonnes grading 1.38 per cent copper, 0.2 gram per tonne gold, 3.83 grams per tonne silver and 0.069 per cent cobalt.  The O'Connor River (114P 005) gypsum deposit consists of 3 separate zones; estimated reserves of Zone 1 are 2.5 million tonnes grading 79.0 per cent gypsum. The map area has good potential for exploration targets as many new occurrences have been recorded in previously unexplored areas.





BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 114P and 114O