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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 104P location map (click for index map).

NTS 104P





Researched and compiled by: J. Bradford, D.E. Jakobsen, H.W. Marsden and M. McLean


Release date: December 1988


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104P Map
Master & Production Report
General Property File:  104P

ARIS Maps: 104P, 03, 04, 05, 06


The map area contains 120 recorded mineral occurrences. The area is underlain by the Omineca crystalline belt, the eastern edge of the Cretaceous Cassiar batholith and the main portion of the Upper Paleozoic Sylvester allochthon.


Historically, there have been many placer gold deposits mined in this area and some exploration has been done on new placer occurrences. The Cassiar (104P 005) and McDame (104P 084) asbestos deposits occur in the southwest portion of the area. The Erickson (104P 029), Taurus (104P 012) and Table Mountain (104P 070) gold mines are located slightly southeast of the Cassiar deposits.


Current exploration in the area is being concentrated in the McDame gold camp area searching for auriferous gold veins with associated listwanites.




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BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 104P