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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 104K location map (click for index map).

NTS 104K



104F, G

Researched and compiled by: L.L. Duffett, L.D. Jones, T.G. Schroeter, J. Bradford and S. Dudka

Release date: January 1988

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104K Map
Geological Legend
Master & Production Report
General Property File
ARIS Maps: 104K, 08, NW

This map area contains 130 recorded mineral occurrences and covers the contact between the Coast Crystalline Belt and Intermontane Belt.


The east side of the map-area contains intensely folded and regionally metamorphosed Permian, Triassic and older strata of the Stikinia Terrane. These rocks host epigenetic type deposits, such as the Golden Bear (104K 079), which occur along a major north trending structure.


Golden Bear Mine
Golden Bear (photo D. Brown)


The west side of the sheet contains the Tulsequah Chief (104K 002) and Big Bull (104K 008) volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits. These occur within Upper Triassic volcanics, in a wedge between the Cache Creek Terrane and Coast Crystalline Belt. The mines were major producers from 1951 to 1957. The New Polaris (104K 003) deposit contains gold-bearing arsenopyrite within veins and produced over 7 million grams of gold from 1938 to 1951.


BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 104K