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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

103O & P


NTS 103O & P location map (click for index map).

Nass River
NTS 103O & P




Researched and compiled by:
D.E. Jakobsen, P.S. Fischl, D.J. Alldrick

Release date:
February 1990

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103O & P Map
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Master & Production Report
General Property File: 103O, 103P
ARIS Maps: 103O, 103P, 103PSW, 103P11, 12, 13

The Nass River map area contains 278 recorded mineral occurrences, confined largely to the Anyox, Alice Arm-Kitsault Valley and Stewart camps, which encompass the region of the northern coastal mainland, east of the Portland Canal.


The area is underlain by Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous clastic sediments of the Bowser Basin. The Bowser Basin is flanked to the southwest by granitic intrusions of the Early Tertiary Coast Plutonic Complex. A broad belt of volcanics and sediments of the Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group extends northwest from Alice Arm, separating the Bowser Basin from the adjoining Coast Plutonic Complex.


The Anyox Camp is characterized by cuprous volcanogenic massive sulphide lenses lying in a roof pendant within the Coast Plutonic Complex. The Hidden Creek (103P 021) mine, the largest of this type, produced 21.7 million tonnes of ore grading 1.4 per cent copper. Mineralization in the Alice Arm-Kitsault Valley Camp is typically found in widespread quartz veins, containing high grade silver, lead and zinc. Similar mineralization occurs in barite-quartz volcanogenic exhalative deposits in the upper Kitsault Valley known as the Dolly Varden camp. The Torbrit (103P 191) mine produced 560 million grams of silver from one such deposit between 1928 and 1959. This camp also hosts a number of porphyry molybdenum deposits in the vicinity of Alice Arm Inlet. The Kitsault (103P 120) deposit, for example, contains reserves of 104.3 million tonnes averaging 0.11 per cent molybdenum. The Stewart Camp is characterized by quartz veins containing gold, silver, lead and zinc bearing. The Georgia River (103O 013) deposit, south of Stewart, contains several major veins of this type.


At Red Mountain (103P 086), transitional-type gold mineralization with some skarn-type affinities is associated with the contact between the Goldslide Intrusion (hornblende-plagioclase porphyry) and adjacent interbedded sedimentary and andesitic pyroclastic rocks of the Unuk River Formation. A resource is estimated at 1,921,680 tonnes grading 9.8 grams per tonne gold.



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BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 103O and NTS 103P