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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 103J location map (click for index map).

Prince Rupert
NTS 103J

103O & P

103F & K



Researched and compiled by:
L.D. Jones, J.N. Rouse, G.J. Payie

Release date:
April 1989

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103J Map
Geological Legend
Master & Production Report
General Property File
ARIS Map 103J

This map area covers the northern most coastal area of the province and contains 48 recorded mineral occurrences.
The area occurs mainly within the Coast Crystalline Belt and is underlain by Paleozoic metamorphic rock of the Central Gneiss Complex. Igneous rock of the Cretaceous to Tertiary Coast Plutonic Complex covers large portions of the map area.


The most notable occurrence in the area is the Edye Pass Mine (103J 015) which, from 1919 to 1939, produced more than 600,000 grams of gold, 200,000 grams of silver and 4000 kilograms of copper. Other notable commodities in the map area include limestone/marble, iron/magnetite, lead, zinc and graphite.


BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 103J