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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 103I location map (click for index map).

NTS 103I

103O & P




Researched and compiled by:
L.D. Jones

Release date:
September 1989

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103I Map
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Master & Production Report
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ARIS Maps: 103INE, NW, SE, SW

The Terrace map area, located within the Intermontane and Coast belts, contains 224 recorded mineral occurrences. Plutonic rocks and undivided metamorphic assemblages dominate the area in the west and rocks of the Stikinia and Bowser Lake terranes occur in the east. The region is underlain by rocks belonging to the Jurassic Hazelton Group, the Jurassic to Cretaceous Bowser Lake Group, unnamed Permian metavolcanics, the Paleozoic Central Gneiss Complex and the Tertiary to Cretaceous Coast Plutonic Complex.


The Dardanelle (103I 107) precious metal prospect consists of quartz sulphide veins hosted in granodiorite of the Coast Plutonic Complex. The Fiddler (103I 048) vein, to the north, occurs along a fault plane in argillite of the Bowser Lake Group and hosts similar mineralization. The Zona May (103I 060) prospect consists of precious and base metal mineralization in a discontinuous quartz vein along the contact of a felsite dyke. Copper and silver mineralization occur within rhyolite tuffs and breccias of the Hazelton Group at the Alvija (103I 085), Snow (103I 090) and Kelly Creek (103I 092) prospects. The Gossan Creek (Kitimat River) (103I 103) prospect consists of pyrite, molybdenite and chalcopyrite in narrow quartz veinlets and as fracture coatings and disseminations in quartz feldspar porphyry of the Coast Plutonic Complex. The Wedeene (103I 014) iron skarn deposit is hosted in Hazelton Group volcanic rocks. The Scotia (103I 007) volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit is hosted in gneiss of the Central Gneiss Complex. Placer deposits (Dry Hill (103I 050), Fiddler (103I 206) and Douglas (103I 204) creeks) in the area produced significant quantities of coarse and nugget gold. Limestone units occur in Paleozoic sediments and some zones contain relatively pure limestone (A.E. Barr Quarry (103I 009), Mayner's Fortune (103I 113), Terrace Calcium Products (103I 165)).




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