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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

094H, I, J, O, P


NTS 094HIJOP location map (click for index map).

Beatton R., Fontas R., Fort Nelson, Maxhamish Lake, Petitot River
NTS 094H, I, J, O, P




Researched and compiled by: G. Owsiacki

Release date:  March 1995

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094H,I,J,O,P Map
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The Beatton River, Fontas River, Fort Nelson, Maxhamish Lake and Petitot River map areas occupy the northeast corner of the province and contain four documented mineral occurrences.


The map area lies entirely within the Foreland Belt and is dominated by flat-lying and poorly exposed clastic rocks of the Cretaceous Fort St. John Group and the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan and Kotaneelee formations.  The Fort St. John Group comprises recessive shale and siltstone; the Dunvegan Formation consists of cliff-forming sandstone and conglomerate; and the Kotaneelee Formation is made up of dark grey marine shale and minor sandstone.


Occurrences in the map area include two showings of native sulphur in petroleum well holes at depth; barite fracture fillings in dolomite; and a bed of coal exposed in a pit that was subsequently filled in.

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094I 001 Imperial Kahntah Barite
094I 002 D-61-K Sulphur
094I 003 A-35-E Sulphur
094P 001 Kwokullie Coal



BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 094H,I,J,O,P