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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 094B location map (click for index map).

Halfway River
NTS 094B





Researched and compiled by: Fox Geological Consultants Ltd., G.J. Payie, E. Van der Flier-Keller and G. Owsiacki

Release date: March 1992

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The Halfway River map area, situated in the northeast part of the province, lies within the Foreland belt and contains 33 documented mineral occurrences.


The map area is divided into Upper Proterozoic to Triassic Ancestral North America terrane sedimentary rocks, on the west, and Cretaceous cratonal overlap assemblage sedimentary rocks on the east. The area is known primarily for its replacement lead-zinc deposits, most notably the Robb Lake deposit (094B 005), hosted in dolomite of the Ancestral North America terrane. Robb Lake contains about 10.8 million tonnes of ore with a combined lead/zinc grade of 6.6 per cent. Another well known deposit in the area is the Aley carbonatite complex (094B 027), containing 20 million tonnes, grading 0.7 per cent niobium. The nearby Aley Dykes (094B 028) are carbonatite-rich dykes that contain rare earth elements. Coal, hosted in overlap assemblage rocks, is also a significant part of the mineral inventory of the area. Other documented commodities include dolomite and phosphate.





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