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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

094A Geological Legend


Charlie Lake


uK KASKAPAU FORMATION: Shale and silty shale; minor sandstone, siltstone and ironstone(marine)
uKD DUNVEGAN FORMATION: Sandstone, grey, fine to medium grained, evenly bedded; interbedded grey to dark grey siltstone, shale carbonaceous shale; some ironstone bands and thin coal seams; massive crosbedded, grey sandstone in the lower 100 metres; minor coarse sandstone and fine conglomerate in the northwestern part of the map area (marine and non-marine)
IKFSJ "UPPER SHALE": Grey shale and silty shale; minor amounts of sandstone and siltstone; thing bands and scattered concretions of ironstone (marine)
IKG GATES FORMATION: Sandstone and siltstone; minor shale (marine)
IKM MOOSEBAR FORMATION: Shale and silty shale; some sandstone, siltstone and ironstone (marine)
Geological legend and base derived from:

Irish, E.L.W., (1958) Charlie Lake(094A) Map Area; Geological Survey of Canada, Map 17-1958, 1:253,440

See Charlie Lake (094A) Summary Sheet for an overview of the map area.

Positions of all geological contacts are approximate. In the case of an apparent disagreement between an occurrence’s geological location on the map and its stratigraphic setting given in the MINFILE documentation, the latter should be given priority.