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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 094A location map (click for index map).

Charlie Lake
NTS 094A

094H, I, J, O, P



Researched and compiled by: Fox Geological Consultants Ltd., G.J. Payie, and P.S. Fischl

Release date: March 1992

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094A Map
Geological Legend
Master & Production Report
ARIS Map: 094A

The Charlie Lake map area, in the northeast part of the province, lies within the Foreland belt and contains nine documented mineral occurrences. 
The area is underlain by Cretaceous Ancestral North America terrane sedimentary rocks, consisting of the Fort St. John Group and the Dunvegan and Kaskapau formations.  The table lists all nine occurrences and their respective commodities.


94Amap.gif (60376 bytes)

Map No.



001 Pacific Ft St John No.44 Well Barite
002 Imperial Pacific Fluorite
003 Bear Flats Shale, Clay
004 Taylor Shale, Clay
005 Rolla Ferry Shale, Clay
006 Moberly Iron, Sulphur
007 Cameron River Iron
008 Reace River Tufa Travertine
009 Hudson Hope Travertine



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