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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 093P location map (click for index map).

Dawson Creek
NTS 093P




Researched and compiled by: E. Van der Flier-Keller and G. Owsiacki

Release date: September 1989


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The Dawson Creek map area covers part of the Rocky Mountain Front Ranges and Foothills and contains 24 recorded mineral occurrences, 18 of which are coal. The Dawson Creek mapsheet contains a geologically, physiographically and geographically distinct coal-bearing subdivision called the Inner Foothills belt. This belt of relatively high relief produced by resistant sandstones of Lower Cretaceous age, is divided into northern and southern coal districts according to distinct lithostratigraphic distributions of major coal beds. Coal-bearing strata throughout the region were deposited in deltaic and alluvial plain environments. The Lower Cretaceous Bullhead and Fort St. John groups contain the major coal deposits and partially represent a second pulse of the Columbian Orogeny, which resulted in complexly faulted and folded coal measures.


The coals are mainly medium and low volatile bituminous in rank, generally suitable for producing a high quality metallurgical coke. Where oxidized, these coals are usually suitable for thermal coal markets.


The Bullmoose (093P 001) and Quintette (093P 019) mine mainly high quality metallurgical coals for export markets and contain combined measured reserves of 395 million tonnes, indicated reserves of 205 million tonnes and inferred reserves of 2.47 billion tonnes, all predominantly medium volatile bituminous rank. Other potential producers are Pine Pass (093P 005), Burnt River (093P 007), Sukunka (093P 009), Wolverine (093P 018) and Wapiti (093P 021).


Also on the map sheet, an estimated 100 million tonnes of limestone occur at the Prime Lime & Marble (093P 023) quarry site on the northwest side of Sukunka River.



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