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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 093J location map (click for index map).

McLeod Lake
NTS 093J






Researched and compiled by: D.G. Bailey

Release date: September 1989

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The McLeod Lake area, within the Intermontane belt and consisting of portions of Ancestral North America and the Slide Mountain, Quesnellia and Kootenay terranes, contains 25 recorded mineral occurrences. The area is underlain by the Wolverine Metamorphic Complex, Upper Triassic Takla Group volcanics, Mississippian Slide Mountain Group sedimentary and volcanic rocks, and Kechika Group metasediments. A variety of intrusives occur in the area including serpentinite, gabbro, diorite, granodiorite, dacite and granite. 

Sulphide mineralization occurs in quartz veins, quartzose shear zones, hosted by serpentinite and in skarn zones along a gneiss/limestone contact at the Samson (093J 001) showing. The Windy (093J 024) showing comprises chalcopyrite and pyrite with associated low and variable gold, silver and palladium values hosted in a propylitically altered diorite intrusive. Hosted in Takla Group rocks adjacent to Pinchi fault, which marks the boundary between the Cache Creek and Quesnellia terranes, are a number of mercury occurrences. Replacement of dolomite by magnesite has been noted on the upper reaches of Chuyazega Creek. Dyke or sill-like carbonatite and a syenite plug intrude Cambro-Ordovician Kechika Group rocks at the Prince (093J 014) niobium showing. Minor placer gold has been recovered from the Salmon River (093J 006) system. Placer gold and platinum was recovered from the McDougall (093J 007) and McLeod (093J 012) rivers. Limestone in this area has been produced from the Ordovician-Silurian Sandpile Group, from the Redrocky Creek (093J 015) deposit.  Pacific Lime produces limestone near Giscome (093J 025).


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